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  • Vegan Tostadas

    vegan tostada

    I don’t usually make complicated meals. I’m all about sticking to basic easy ingredients. I like to share things on this blog that will help busy people like me make healthy choices. Once in a while though, I come up with a more complex recipe (but not that complex!!) that has to be shared… This […]

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    I’ve decided to start sharing my favorite natural beauty and health products with you weekly. There are so many out there and it can be really hard to choose the right ones. Packaging and branding can be very very conviencing but just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean they work! I’ve taken it upon myself to […]

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  • Chia Pudding Bowl

    Chia Pudding Bowl

    This is what we had for Valentines day breakfast, it’s clean, yummy and totally easy to make. My whole family (toddler included) loved it. I don’t really do oats so much, but I love breakfast bowls, this chia pudding bowl is a great alternative to oats and grains. You can even warm the chia up if […]

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  • Sexy Superfood Salad

    Sexy Superfood Salad

    SUPERFOOD SALAD Superfoods are Sexy. Why? Because they are colorful, potent, high vibe foods that when consumed help your body balance out, get energized and function at a higher level. What so sexy about that? True vibrance and health is super sexy. Skin glows, energy flows, and your eyes sparkle. That’s why I made this salad […]