Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake from Nibs + Greens

Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake (2 of 5)


This recipe comes to you from the gorgeous sisters over at Nibs & Greens. They are known for their beautiful and creative raw food treats! Today they are sharing an energizing and healthy layer cake!

Super greens make this Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake unlike any other raw cake. One spirulina mint layer, one matcha green tea layer, and macadamia nuts to make it rich and creamy. Nourish your body even while you eat dessert!


Serves 2-4


3 Tbsp. almonds

2 medjool dates, pitted

Dash of salt


1 cup macadamia nuts

3 Tbsp. nondairy milk

2 Tbsp. coconut butter, softened

2 Tbsp. maple syrup

1/4 tsp. mint extract

1/8 tsp. spirulina powder

1 tsp. matcha powder


Lightly oil a 4″ spring form pan (we used coconut oil).

Crust: In your food processor, process the almonds until broken down. Add the dates and salt and process until combined and doughy. Press the mixture into the base of your spring form pan.

Cream: In your blender, blend macadamia nuts, non dairy milk, coconut butter, and maple syrup until smooth and creamy, scraping down the blender as needed. Divide in half. In one half, stir in the mint extract and spirulina powder. In the other half, stir in the matcha powder. Spread the spirulina mint cream over the crust and place the cake in your freezer for 30 minutes. Then spread the matcha cream over the top and return to your freezer for overnight.


When you’re ready to eat it, remove the cake from your freezer and gently remove it from the spring form pan. Allow a couple hours for it to defrost in your fridge. Enjoy this refreshing cake with friends and family!

Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake (5 of 5) Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake (3 of 5)



Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake (1 of 5)

Raw Matcha Mint Layer Cake (4 of 5)


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Nibs & Greens is a raw food company based in Portland, Or. where they create and distribute raw, vegan, and gluten-free treats and cakes to grocery stores and local businesses. Owners and sisters Hallie and Reya Tobias started Nibs & Greens because they wanted to share their passion for healthy, delicious desserts with the community around them. Nibs & Greens believes in eating whole, plant-based foods to support body, mind, and soul, and that healthy desserts should always be a mindful indulgence. Find out more about the company and discover fun, amazing recipes at nibsandgreens.com and follow Nibs & Greens on Facebook and Instagram!

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