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I’m really excited about this article today. Meredith is one of my favorite humans. We became friends a few years ago when we we’re both working for Matthew Kenney. I’m thankful to have met her.

I think it’s really important in life to have friends that you can look up to, that are doing amazing things and that can teach you something. They say you are a reflection of the friends you keep and I think there is truth to this. From the moment I met Meredith I was so impressed by and drawn to her. She smelled so good, was dainty but clearly had a spark of wild in her eyes, she was refined and polished but in a way that you knew she wasn’t trying to do it, it was just naturally in her. She’s has the cutest Southern accent. So can you tell I just love her? She’s quite lovable and incredibly humble.

Meredith, I’m so happy to have you on Strong & Radiant because I think you embody what it is I’m trying to capture on this blog. A strong woman who is beautiful, glowing, hard-working, a little gritty and a lot of class. So here is a Day in the Life of Meredith Baird, author, artist, raw food + and wine enthusiast, cat mom, beautiful woman.

SS: What are your favorite morning rituals… Meditation? Workout? Walk? Kundalini? Whatcha doin MB?

MB: My morning ritual varies a bit. I’m usually up between 6:30 – 7:30 at the latest. My fiancés schedule is a bit more traditional than mine so I try to leave room in the mornings to be with him. Sometimes we walk to go work out at the gym (Golds, Venice) and sometimes we just take a nice walk to get breakfast at either Gjusta or Another Kind of Sunrise. I’ve never in my life been a morning person – and definitely not a breakfast person- but I’ve really started to enjoy easing into the day. We kind of have this chill morning vibe which is super nice.
I could lie and say I wake up at 5am to meditate every day, but I don’t.
The number one (and two)  rituals though are oil pulling with coconut oil, and drinking a big glass of lemon water before I eat anything. I don’t feel right if I don’t do it.
SS: I share the lemon water must with you, I have to get better at the oil pulling. So what do you eat? what do you drink? What makes you happy food wise?
MB:Until dinner I eat and drink basically the same thing every day. As hard as I try to mix it up I just can’t. Im working on adding more protein in. I’m not a big morning eater so breakfast (after lemon water) usually consists of a pour over coffee blended with coconut oil and asstragulus. I have asthma and astragulus has been a huge help in controlling it. I eat some seasonal fruit -( I love fall fruit so I’m really excited about persimmon season!) and then I’ll have some of granola that I make – sprouted buckwheat with pumpkin seeds, coconut, turmeric, chia, etc. If I have coconut yogurt on hand I’ll have that too- otherwise, I’ll have it with homemade nut milk.
3-4 times a week I make a big green juice out of the stems and veggie scraps I save over the week. Its usually a mix of kale stems, chard, fennel, lemon, ginger and herbs.
Lunch is where I really get monotonous. I have a huge portion of sauerkraut (I do mix the type of kraut up) – an avocado – sprouts or whatever greens I have on hand- a few dollops of hummus, nut cheese or whatever kind of thing like that I have,  some kind of raw crackers and nori. I’ve also been really in to adding wakame, which I just soak and toss in.
Raw chocolate always after lunch, and usually there is a kombucha somewhere in there.
Although I don’t exclusively eat raw food I do find that most of my days are raw until dinner. Its really what makes me feel best.
SS: Yup, I’m very similar in my eating patterns. It feels good to have consistency! What favorite products that help you though the day?
MB: I can’t live without oils. Coconut oil is number one for me. And I make my own skin cream that we’re currently working on launching – Nucifera- its a mix of Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Borage, Moringa + essential oils. I genuinely can’t get through my day without slathering myself in it.
Next up is sage + palo santo.
Meredith Baird
SS: You’re lucky to live in one of my favorite places, Venice, I miss it daily! What is your favorite spots for lunching?
MB: I live in a great neighborhood for lunching- I kind of go in the rotation-  Gjusta, Cafe Gratitude, Dudley Market, Superba Food and Bread. Although, unless I have a meeting or plan I don’t typically eat lunch out.
SS: How/when do you work? What fuels the work day?
MB: I work most productively mid morning. I love the feeling of having had a good work out, a good morning, and then sitting down to the computer to be productive. Around 9:30-10 (Usually with a warm beverage in hand- matcha, tonic etc.) For me the fuel is just about getting in the zone. I have to have an organized space and my little OCD things in order to be productive. (one of which, is vacuuming) It sounds totally crazy, but we have an indoor outdoor space, and cats – and I just really need clean floors to think!
SS: I think the beginning of the day is a wonderful creative and inspired time. Thats when I work too. So what keeps you energized and feeling full of life?
MB: Creativity, art, visual inspiration. I love nature and live close to the beach so I always try to take time to soak that in (the sun is key!) but what really turns me on the most is usually something more abstract. I really don’t seek inspiration in my field much at all. High fashion and visual art inspire me.
SS: Tell us about your evenings? Do you cook? Do you dine out? Who do you spend your time with?
MB: Evenings are my favorite. I love to hang out, make dinner, sip wine and be cozy. Dinner always varies somewhat. My favorite thing to make is just a big plate of non traditional mezze fare – roasted vegetables, avocado, olives, sprouted hummus, nuts + seeds, sometimes soft boiled eggs,  with a bunch of shaved vegetables from the farmers market. It sounds weird, but its really beautiful.  I serve it with a side of either brown or forbidden rice and nori. Its nice to just make your own bites and dip and nibble and be interactive. I  like to go out to dinner though – and think its super healthy for a relationship (at least for me) Date nights are nice- we try to mix that up – and when we do I’m very open to trying new things.
We do go out to eat a few times a week, but I’m much less interested in going to trendy spots than I used to be. Dinner spots look a lot like the lunch ones.
I spend most of my evenings with my fiancé. I’m super lucky that he really appreciates (and likes!) the food I make. I also have a good group of girlfriends in LA and we make a point to go out at least once a month.
Meredith Baird
SS: Okay last question, I always want to know what you’re currently reading?
MB: I always read a few different things at once- I try to read a mix of cultural/current classic literature + nutrition or some sort of education/metaphysics. I bore myself if I’m always reading self improvement. I’m reading Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski – which is super dark, but classic. I just finished Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins who I just really think is so brilliant and I really enjoy.  Brain Maker – by Dr. Perlmutter- who really makes you think twice about grains, and The Womancode by Alisa Vitti – which every woman should read. It really lays it all out on why we are basically different each week 🙂 I listen to Audible all the time and also recently listened to The War of Art by Steven Pressefield… super good.
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  2. Katharine

    Hi Meredith
    My daughter sent me your balm along with a dry brush for Chriistmas. Looking online for a larger size since she sent me the 2 oz size. Found your website and enjoyed reading your daily rituals. Wanted to let you know about my daughters blog and site ” The Great. Kosmic Kitchen ”
    Sarah is my daughter and her friend Summer have been friends since college in Florida. I think you may find their site informative. Thank you for making a great product!