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It’s been a minute since I’ve shared on this blog! Life got going really fast, as much as I strive for consistency, I’m coming to realize that maybe I consistently need time off to stay inspired! This post’s subject is exactly what I needed to get back into creative activation mode! So I hope you enjoy some chocolate from Lulu’s Chocolate and get as inspired as I feel!


Lulu is one of the most down to earth, real, genuine and radiant woman I’ve met. She has supported me from the get go with Local. She carried my vegan paleo muffins in her shop before I even knew where my shop would be… And she would order juice for her office ( awesome lady boss!). I have always felt that products and their integrity are a direct reflection of who is behind them. What I know of Lulu is that her integrity is 100%, her employees follow her anywhere because they love working with a woman of such caliber, her heart is giving and her vision is grand… She is smart and a total giver. So, of course she makes the flipping best raw vegan chocolate around.

I’ve always been drawn to Lulu’s beauty, even before I met her, I would admire her from afar, not creepy, I swear! She has a glow that comes from within and radiates out, she has charisma, but mostly she is at ease in her body. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has learned to love herself. The magnetism of Lulu! Lady crush.

Lulu founded Lulu’s chocolates, has opened a chocolate lounge and has great plans of opening a second location in Asheville, NC. I can’t wait to see all this powerhouse does in the next few years.

So without further ado, A Day In The Life with Lulu Louise

Lulu's Chocolate

Give us a quick overview of your day?

Morning – it’s me time. Time to align my body, mind and soul. I find that if I just snap into work first thing in the morning it puts me a bit in emergency mode all day, and I’ve decided not to hang out there anymore.

Afternoon – get it done time. I love using and marking things off my to do list. I read that marking it off an actual list, instead of just a mental one, makes you more joyfully productive. It truly works for me. Plus having somewhere (they have an app too) to jot down to- dos as soon as they come to mind keeps my head space clear and free. That’s valuable real estate up there! Write it down and let it go till it’s time to do it!

It’s hard for me to break my workflow to eat during the afternoon. My 2 top tricks that keep me going: 1) Superpower Tonic: coconut milk, brain- on (a blue-green algae food), chaga & stevia 2) Lulu’s Chocolate 100% cacao squares. I always keep a bag of those on my desk.

Evening – My husband and I both really love music and have a studio. Luckily, we make a pretty good songwriting team and that’s our favorite way to spend an evening. Sometimes a nice bubble bath andagoodbookisallIwant. Wetendtobe homebodies but we also do love going out to try new restaurants, see bands play and be silly with friends. Those are usually more weekend activities though. We love to take a motorcycle ride on Saturdays and explore new nature spots. Sundays are always reserved for complete spontaneity!

Again in the evening I take time to focus on my Core Desired Feelings. I focus on one per breath cycle. By doing this upon waking and as I fall asleep I am programming myself to truly embody how I want to feel. Another really magical part of working with my Core Desired Feelings is that I’ve long had patterns of insomnia. Being a CEO, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, my mind racing with what needs to be done or worrying about something. Repeating my CDFs in rhythm with my breathing puts me back to sleep…every time! Better than any melatonin I’ve ever tried.

Tell us a bit about your mornings?

I’ve always been a vivid, colorful dreamer when I sleep. Mornings have always been slow for me as it takes me a bit to transition back to waking life. Most mornings I wake up sandwiched between my cute kitty and loving husband, which is the nicest way I’ve ever found to start my day. My kitty reminds me to be soft and playful immediately and my husband reminds me that I’m loved. We all migrate to the living room for some tea and chocolate (I eat our 88% cacao Midnight Velvet bar daily for breakfast) and enjoy some moments of timelessness, as we listen to the birds sing, taking in the beauty outside our windows. I take this time to focus on my Core Desired Feelings, which have become a huge part of each day since I read The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. I breathe deeply while focusing on these six emotions that I’ve chosen as the foundation of my life.

Lulu's chocolate

What’s for breakfast at Lulu’s house?

My first breakfast is always chocolate, then I have a Purium Powershake after my morning yoga and meditation. After that I head to my gym to swim in the saltwater pool or take a walk. I find I do much better at my work if my mind and body are nourished first. After exercise I enjoy a fresh brunch, made with food from farmer’s market, with my husband and then it’s time to go to the office.

Tell us a little bit about your health journey…

I had a spiritual awakening right before I turned 21, which led me to changing pretty much everything. Being from small town Tennessee I had always been pretty immersed in fast food culture, my first job being McDonalds, which I ate at twice a day for the 18 months I worked there. I began doing a lot of yoga and for the first time really noticed how food affected me. This led me to do several cleanses and a lot of colonics over the next decade. I still cleanse but not to the level and frequency I did during my twenties.

What does your work schedule look like? Do you have a routine?

I really get into my work groove by noon and although I always have it in mind that I will quit around 6pm and have dinner early, if I’m in a flow it’s easy to work until 7 or 8. Luckily I have a husband that loves making dinner and he always forces me to leave the office when it’s ready.

Any tips for productivity?

My number one tip for being productive if you work on a computer a lot like I do, is to get a stand up desk. It was pretty life changing for me. I LOVE it. If I’m doing a task that doesn’t take a lot of intense thought I even put some music on and dance a little while I work. And I truly believe that taking the time to align your body, mind and soul before work makes your productivity that day more valuable.

Who inspires you?

I look up to Danielle Laporte and how she is sassy, spiritual, savvy and down to earth all at once. The Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions are two of my

favorite books for inspiration and I recommend them to all entrepreneurs as well as anyone wanting to thrive in this dance of life. I love Marie Forleo and her passion for helping women in business. I am currently working through her B- School program. My other favorite inspiration of late is Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. That is the best book I’ve ever read about living creatively.


What are you most excited about in your business right now?

I am over the moon excited about our upcoming rebrand! It’s so hard not to blast my new logo all over social media but I’m waiting till we get our first round of packaging printed, which will happen next month! It’s my first time working with a female designer and somehow it seems that was the missing element between me liking our branding and LOVING it. I’ve put so much energy into this being the ultimate look for Lulu’s Chocolate. I feel it 100%. Feels so amazing!



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