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Kristin Dahl is an LA based nutritionist, chef, and author who offers a fresh take on holistic living in a modern world. Kristin specializes in consulting, plant-based cooking, and holistic wellness programs, including her newly released book, The Art of Wellness. She continuously empowers, educates, and motivates individuals to make the transformation to total and complete health. Her commitment to help others manifest change was inspired by her own personal transformation.

Kristin Is such a beautiful woman! I’ve been following her for a long time on social media. She has an effortless style that is playful, fun and timeless. I asked her is she would share a a little bit on her routines and daily rituals with us. So inspiring. I love getting a peek into others lives in this healthy way.


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Kristin Dahl

I believe that creating health is about all aspects and areas of life. The energy we create around our home, workplace, and relationships affects how we move through our day to day lives. The way we nourish our bodies with food and fitness and our minds with loving, gentle, and positive thoughts sets the stage for a balanced lifestyle. While some days are better than others, I try to stick to a similar routine to keep myself grounded and feeling my very best. 

Morning rituals 

The morning is always the most important part of the day for me. This is when I like to set the tone for the day. Starting my mornings with 2 large glasses of water (sometimes with lemon) ensures that I’m well hydrated and helps to kick start my digestion. I am also a lover of warm tea; recently I’ve been favoring matcha green tea. Other favorite teas include holy basil, dandelion root, & spring dragon tea. I always make sure to wake up early enough for a little relaxation time (and at times meditation – I find this easier in winter months or on vacation, when the days are slower).

Summer days are a little looser and I love easing into the days. My days always flow smoother when started with a calm awareness or meditation. I’m also in a current love affair with Instagram and like to browse for morning inspiration and to post to inspire others.

I follow my relaxation time with a nourishing, superfood smoothie and then head out for a morning workout. This is generally a hike, yoga class, or run. The gym is not my favorite place but I throw that in the mix to keep things interesting. That way, I never get bored with my fitness routine! These days I am really into hot yoga, which is incredible because it’s a detox, a workout, and a stretch session all in one.

Kristin Dahl


My days are a mix of business related tasks, and working privately with clients. I always take a little time to prepare a balanced meal for myself before rushing off to a client. This is usually my largest meal of the day.  I often fill up on a big salad loaded with avocado, nuts, seeds, a mix of whatever vegetables are in my fridge, and some sauerkraut.


Most afternoons I cook for a family in a private home. I head to the farmers market for some fresh produce and then spend the afternoon cooking up a storm. The menu is always changing, though I stick with the freshest, seasonal ingredients I can find. Most meals are farm to table style, while others are a little more sophisticated & gourmet.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my fiancé or friends, coming up with new meal/recipe ideas, and taking care of my home. I try to get to the beach as much as possible. The leo in me loves to swim, sunbathe, relax, and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean. I also love hiking, especially in the Topanga mountains. If I’m not working, I hit the trails for at least an hour. Sometimes I go barefoot, which feels incredibly revitalizing and grounding.


Evening slow down 

The nights that I’m off of work, I like to cook dinner with my love and sometimes we’ll plan a date night to see a movie or some live music or art. We also love to go for night hikes in the mountains and connect with nature. Most evenings, I unwind by either taking a long walk, an Epsom salt & lavender bath, reading, stretching, or having tea.

My bedtime routine always includes essential oils, 10 deep breaths, sometimes an evening meditation, and unplugging from electronics an hour before bed. If I’m still full of energy, I sip on chamomile tea. I also try to read a short spiritual or philosophical passage to inspire positive thoughts before sleep.





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