Dunking in an ice bath, a super cold creek, ocean, or taking a freezing cold shower can have benefits that are incredible for your health in mind and body. I’ve been aware of this practice for a long while. When I was little my mom would do hot cold treatments on me when I was sick to boost my immune response… but I never used it in my daily practice until recently.

My little boy Henry, my husband Mike and I all do it. We wake up early, walk outside, strip down and hose each other off with really cold water for 3 minutes each. Henry absolutely loves this! This starts our day off energized.

Somewhere along the line we as a socially have confused happiness and comfort. I realized by doing these cold showers and dips that comfortable does absolutely not mean happiness, I’m actually much more satisfied when I’m outside of my comfort zones.

Benefits of cold water dunking and showers are pretty worthwhile.

  1. Weight Loss. “Scandinavian researchers¬†found that exposure to cold temperatures increased the metabolic rate of brown fat by fifteen fold, which could help a person drop nine pounds in a year if sustained.” says Doing these cold showers helps your body burn more energy (calories). You’ll lose weight without trying!
  2. You’ll feel alive! Cold wakes you, gets your body going and your blood flowing.
  3. It boosts your immunity and overall health. When you metabolism speeds up,  your immune system also gets activated.
  4. Hot showers dry out your skin, your hair and your nails. By using cold showers, you’ll have shinier hair, moist skin and strong nails
  5. It boost your testosterone levels naturally. This is a big one for men, but also for woman. More and more our hormones are off balance. This can help them get aligned. When you’re hormones are functioning right, your whole body (and mind) feel better and work better.

You don’t have to do this outside, your indoor shower will work. We just love the view we have and choose to do it with the hose. Sometimes I do it indoors too. If you have access to a cold lake or creek, this is the ultimate experience! The goal is to fell your body almost heaving. It’s good to feel like your almost can’t breath, then you know it’s working!

Enjoy it! Leave comments and feedback on how it works for you. I’m on week 2!

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