Bulletproof Protein Bars


These bulletproof protein bars are low-glysemic, delicious and super good for you. All good things…

Protein is tricky, protein bars are even trickier. There are many different schools of thought on protein and what/how much/when we need it. This is not something I’m going to go into in this post…I will say that where you get your protein and it’s source is VERY important and as always, let your body be your guide. There are a miniscule amount of protein bars and protein I can feel good suggesting that people use. The only protein bar that I ever buy or suggest is CORE bars. Even these, for me are not ideal. If I’m going to be using any kind of whey protein, ideally it is grass-fed, pastured and organic. Even better if it’s local! If I’m using a vegan protein it must be organic and it must be rice free.

In the not so far away past, I used vegan proteins a lot, but started to feel bloated after using them. My feeling is that they are so processed that I would rather just use whole foods such as activated almonds or hemp seeds; so I personally don’t use vegan proteins anymore, I use protein rich vegan foods in their whole form. I do however (when I’m training hard at them gym or running a lot) use a whey protein supplement. My current favorite is Upgraded Whey by BulletProof. I like this one because I know that Dave Asprey is a freak about quality and research, he also is very transparent about his sourcing. I also like Whey Cool.

For these protein bars, I used Whey Cool plain protein, but you can use whatever protein you like, or you can leave the protein out! These bars are just as nutritious and flavorful without, they have some great vegan protein naturally so enjoy either way.



1 cup coconut flakes

1 1/2 cups almond flour (grind dry raw almonds in a high speed blender, simple as that!)

2 tablespoon chia or ground flax

1/3 cup raw almond butter

1/2 banana, smashed

1 scoop of protein of choice (I used whey cool)

1 to 2 tablespoon xylitol (depending on desired sweetness)

1/4 teaspoon celtic salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon or favorite spice

1/2 teaspoon powdered vanilla



In a bowl, mix coconut flakes, almond flour, chia (or flax), almond butter, banana, protein, xylitol salt, cinnamon and vanilla. Really get into this! I use my hands. Get everything mixed really well together, then let sit in the refrigerator for five to ten minutes.


Pull our some parchment paper (two pieces) and a rolling pin (use a big jar if you don’t have one) and place the clump of protein goodness on the paper. Place the second piece on top and start to roll. Once you have the mixture about 1/2 inch thick go ahead and cut your bars.  You may have some leftovers on the sides, just roll into a ball and keep the process going.


These are best kept refrigerated and eaten within a month. You can freeze them if you want to make a big batch. They will be fine being out of the fridge for up to 3 days.



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