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Today marks 2 years since I gave birth (and really he birthed me) to my love Henry Marcus. I’m in tears writing this because his birth was that powerful for me. I became a woman.

Henry was born at 7:22 in the morning today (2 years ago) September, 30. He blessed my world and continues to each day.

I had Henry at home with my mom, my midwife and my husband there to support and love me though it. My husband had only been home for 6 days from a 6 month deployment to Afghanistan. I spent the majority of the pregnancy with him gone in a war zone. This could have been stressful, but I decided I wouldn’t go there. The entire pregnancy for me felt like one big meditation. The course of miracles was a daily practice and let me let go and let god. I knew in my heart that the universe would take care of us and whatever happened was a divine plan.

I took this attitude with me when it was time to start the birthing journey. I had a plan of how this baby was going to be born, but I also knew Spirit’s plan was the ultimate. I let go of the fear and did my best to lean in. It was wild, it was crazy, it was trippy, it was serious, it was painful, it was love-filled, it was unique to me, it was powerful and monumental for me as a woman.

Birth in standard society is not considered beautiful. Mothers are not considered. Babies are not considered. The birth experience is not considered. I’m passionate about sharing theses photos, about sharing home birth and about supporting mamas to do what they truly feel in their souls is right (whatever that is for you!). Birth is beautiful, your experience is beautiful and motherhood is beautiful.

I choose home birth so my baby and I could bond, so I could relax, so I could be whatever I needed to be! I’m not interested in having my baby taken from me to be weighed, measured and poked on. I didn’t care how much he weighed, he was healthy. I do know that there is a time a place for hospitals and doctors, my heart just knew that this time, home was it.

home birth

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Home Birth

Home Birth

home birth Henry

Home Birth Henry







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  1. Eva Christina C

    As a mother to be, thank you so much for sharing this! So powerful, and inspiring! How to belive in our inborn and natural strength❤️

    • summer

      It’s a pleasure to share! Thank you for allowing me to relive it.. and thank you for doing your part in changing the way we perceive birth <3