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Kathleen Ventura is a transformational life and business coach, a TEDx speaker and a whole foods enthusiast. Making a move in 2012 that would terrify even the bravest of non-conformists, Kathleen quit her high-pressure sales job in the city, sold everything and set out to ride her bike across the United States. After 2 years of perpetual travel, she found her calling as a life and business coach for beginner female entrepreneurs. Kathleen now coaches women on the verge of quitting their day job to step into full time entrepreneurship. You can learn more about her work by signing up for her free training Coaching 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice.

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Kathleen is a bubbly, sweet and beautiful woman I am so lucky to have met. She is a breath of fresh air. A hard worker, but a balanced being. When you’re around her you can help but feel happy and uplifted by her energy. Her story is inspiring and her presence is big. I’m excited to introduce her and share a day in her life!


The best part of my life starts at the very beginning of my day.

All of us have our own versions of a freedom and dream lifestyle, but for me it’s that I don’t have to wake up to a noisy alarm clock. I am so blessed to get up instead,  whenever my body has finished sleeping – a welcome reminder of the ideal life I’ve created for myself.

I open my eyes each morning already blissfully happy. I’m usually up around 7am, but sometimes when I need a little extra rest, I don’t roll out of bed until 9am. Then hot lemon water kickstarts my body and routine.

I spend the next hour doing some self-care, often in the form of exercise. This could be anything from a jog, to a hot yoga class, a round of Insanity, or some pushups. This helps to set my body up for the day; putting my energy levels on high from the get-go means that I feel ready for everything else the day might bring.

Some of my other favorite morning activities include writing thank you notes, meditating, or going on morning hikes with my husband and fur baby. After a hot shower, I have a green smoothie and huge breakfast of veggies and superfoods.

For me, mornings are sacred. For too long, I had an unhealthy habit of rolling over and looking at my phone before my eyes were all the way open, or reaching for my computer to check email as I drank my lemon water. Now, I like to ease into my day.

We have the power to influence the course of our days by making intentional choices about our priorities in the morning.  Those bad habits often had me starting my routine in a reactive state, and I would spiral out of control over the course of the day. Now, I control my mornings and make sure they’re filled with exactly what I want to do.

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As I work from home, I like to have lines that distinguish work/life boundaries. Around 10am I start checking my emails, reaching out to private clients and touching base with my assistant about the day’s agenda before coaching sessions, which start at 11am.

My work day includes meetings with clients, my team and engaging with my community on Facebook. I love my work – I coach up-and-coming female business owners on their business strategy and aligning their mindset so it’s all possible. Making other people’s dreams become a reality is in turn a complete dream for me, and I relish in every minute of it.

Because of the nature of my work, I spend a large portion of my day holding a space for others to dig deep. Therefore, it’s important what I put into my body – I need to keep myself well fed and hydrated throughout the day to make sure I’m the best I can be for my clients.  So lunch is usually a big salad or stir-fry, mainly with green veggies, seeds, nuts and quinoa.

The afternoon continues with work, and as that comes to a close I start winding down towards the evening. My computer is shut off and left in my office, and it’s back to some quality me-time.

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My husband and I are fortunate enough to live in beautiful Sedona, so we spend large parts of our evenings hiking with our dog, Asoka, then we make dinner together. Even though we see each other all day, most of the time I’m working so the evenings are our time to refuel, unwind and connect with each other and our little family.

As the evenings draw to a close, I take an Epsom salt bath, read fiction in bed, or we watch a happy movie to lighten the intensity of the day. Because I bookend my days with self-care in the mornings and evenings, I’m relaxed and balanced by the time I go to sleep each night – setting me up perfectly for each and every day I’m blessed with.


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