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Sima Morrison

Sima is pure light. She is one of the most loving open-hearted women I’ve ever met. What strikes me most about Sima is how comfortable she is in her own skin and the fact that she has no ego. She is like I said, pure light. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as supportive and giving as Sima. I say this because it’s true. Since the moment I met her she has been nothing but wonderful to me and to every other person she is around.

Sima is the creator of House of Citrine, a beautiful, vibrant, lifestyle community for all things health, wellness and beauty. She is all about bringing it back to the heart, back to the earth and back to the locals. She supports sustainable business, small startups and beautiful people making unique offerings. Her site is filled with knowledge, powerful stories and tales, and unique products. You’ll love what she’s offering and where she is offering from; the heart.

I was so excited to hear all about Sima’s day! I think you’re going to love her as much as I do. Enjoy a peek into the life of Sima.



On a typical morning, my body rises around 6am. A most important time for bodily healing and regeneration, I like to sleep nude, surrounded by crisp white sheets. After a sweet slumber, I awake with positive intentions and gratitude—it’s important to me to greet my consciousness lovingly. I start the day with deep breathing, tongue scraping, coconut oil pulling, and a simple face regimen: washing my face with cold water, then adding Living Libations for just the most amazing skin.

After that, I head downstairs and have a glass of room temperature spring water (Castle Rock is my favorite), followed by, one hour later, warm water—chlorella and ashitaba—to nourish my body with B vitamins. Now that I’m energized, I take for breakfast my favorite tonic, full of mushrooms, coconut milk, hazelnut or pumpkin seed, maca, pine pollen, ho shou wu, collagen, rhodiola, and a touch of ghee.

At this point I’m ready for my morning work session, about 3 hours, consisting of emails, articles, and interview questions, all the while keeping hydrated with sips of Castle Rock.


For lunchtime, I’m usually booked with meetings, most often somewhere local in Venice Beach. My favorite spots are Gjelina, Gjusta, Café Gratitude, and The Butcher’s Daughter.

However, if you’re ever looking for me, the place I’m most likely to be is Erewhon Venice. It’s a one­-stop shop for me—I find it so refreshing to shop somewhere that doesn’t support conventional produce. I also may have a slight addiction to their warm tonics! My current obsession is the Spirit Tonic, which has calming herbs that really relax my nervous system.

Around 2 or 3pm, if I’m not picking up my stepkids from school in Redondo Beach, I try to do something active. I used to be dangerously obsessed with working out, but over the past few years I’ve worked to build a balanced lifestyle. I listen to what my body is craving. Sometimes it’s a brisk walk or a hike, sometimes yoga or a workout at the gym. I try to stay as tuned in as I can to what I’m feeling and what I need, when it comes to both food and physical activity. Miraculous things happen when you are truly listening.


Throughout the day you can find me snacking on sprouted nuts, medjool dates, freshly-­picked mulberries, figs, cucumbers, blueberries, and nori. In the late afternoon, I take a break to practice some Chi Gong, which helps me to stay grounded and moves my Chi around.


Dinnertime is a most sacred time spent with my family. We have fresh, home­ cooked family dinners, share our day with each other, and discuss the going­ ons in the world. My husband and I try to do this especially on the days that we have our kids to give them a healthy family routine.

Since I have been working with Dr. Aunna Pourang, an integrative physician who focuses on Ayurveda, I’ve realized how important warm foods are to my diet, based on my vata dosha profile. A common dinner I prepare is yams, baked in coconut oil and topped with nutritional yeast, lots of vegetables, and a protein, usually wild fish or organic chicken/bison.

After dinner, letting go of the day and sinking into a serene mindset helps me prepare for a restful sleep. Our evenings often include a short 1 mile walk around the neighborhood with my hubby, of course, and a good documentary (we’re huge movie buffs). Before getting ready for bed, I decompress in my Clearlight infrared sauna for 20 minutes at a healthy 116°F, which is on the gentle side. After I get out, I immediately have a cold rinse—it’s very healthy to shock your body with the hot­-cold method. Post­-shower, I apply some jojoba oil and shea butter, then rub some relaxing lavender oil around my temples and neck.

I fall asleep around 10 or 11pm, content with a productive day, and with a clean mind, body, and spirit.

feature photo credit: Julia Corbett

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