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Clean Beauty

We think very hard about what goes in our bodies. We cleanse, detox and hold the sugar… but what about our skin and body care? Have you stopped to think about what goes into your pores? As a cosmetologist and ex makeup artist, I’ve been exposed to many different product lines and makeup brands. I can tell you that the ingredients in many of the well-known brands are a little bit scary, some are very scary. I’m not going to talk about all the bad things in tis article (peek here if you want to see the chemicals to really stay away from) but I am going to share my healthy go to beauty and skin care products that I use on a regular basis and would pretty much eat. That’s actually what you want to look for! If you can eat it, than you can put it on your face! Clean Beauty 101

JIVA APOHA // full line of high-end body oils and roll on perfumes. My personal favorite is 1968 body. I use it for a natural scent and as a rehydrating post shower or bath body oil. I apply it while my skin is still damp and this extends the life of the product as well as helps it really get deep into your skin.

Clean Beauty

RMS // My all time favorite foundation, concealer and blush’s come from RMS. They are coconut oil based and blend so naturally, you can hardly even tell that you’re wearing make up. I use the foundation in #22 when I need a little extra coverage. The cream blushes and bronzer are wonderful for a quick sexy glow.

LIVING LIBATIONS // I’ve been obsessed with Nadine’s organic skin care line for years now. Poetic Pits is the only deodorant I use, The Best Skin Ever in Seabuckthorn had changed my skin and even my husband uses it! I use it morning, day and night. As a mama and business owner, my days are pretty packed. I don’t have time for long routines anymore. I like products like this that i can just put on and go!

Clean Beauty
BERTS BEES // I love their lip colors and they second for blush. These colors are really natural and blend really easy.

PACIFICA // I just started using the lip gloss line and love it! Another great product that you can just apply and go! Looks great over a dark lip color too for a bit more of a sultry look.

TATA HARPER // Pretty much everything from Tata is amazing. I can say that I’ve tied almost every product and everything has been worth it’s weight in gold. I specifically  like the honey mask and the countering kit. Her products are so clean, she even has her own farm in Vermont where they grow a lot of the herbs and flowers used in the products. If you need any more convincing, just look at Tata’s skin, it’s flawless.

PERFÉKT // Hand down the best mascara I’ve ever tried, even beats out Dior. I never thought i would find a natural mascara that could work this good. Every woman should have this for date night or even for everyday. It truly is perfect.

ECO BROW // Um the best eyebrow cream I’ve ever come across. Thank you Citrine Beauty for turning me on to this because it’s forever change my brows. I over plucked and waxed my poor brows in the past (what mothers day is true! Don’t pluck too much) and I know have spots that wont grow hair. Eco Brow goes on really easy and looks so natural. Know one will even know you’re filled them in. Thank me later.

Clean Beauty

Of course, this is all secondary to a great glow from the inside… but believe it or not, when you detox your skin care and treat your body with love, that real glow of radiance will find it’s way to the surface in an easier way.
Keep this conversation on beauty going, I would LOVE to hear what products you like and why comment below or online with the hashtag #strongandradiant

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