What You’re Really Craving


this is a simple guide to help you understand what your body is really craving.

Cravings?  It can really feel confusing when we’re trying to trust our bodies but then they’re seemingly screaming for cookies! I’m going to help you understand what your body is really trying to tell you when It’s asking for chocolate pudding, french fries and a whole loaf of bread. Cravings actually serve an important purpose, they are a way your body communicates to let you know that you are lacking certain nutrients that are vital to your well-being. Let’s look deeper at why you crave particular foods, what these cravings are really trying to tell you and how you can help lead yourself to better options. 

If You’re Craving Chocolate and Sweets // If you find yourself constantly reaching for this common sweet treat, your body is likely asking for magnesium, chromium, tryptophan or sulfur. Usually, chocolate contains a ton of sugar and fillers. However, raw chocolate actually contains some of the things your body is needing! I would also suggest trying these other nutrient rich foods when you are feeling the need for chocolate or sweets. These foods also support any sweet craving.

Hemp Seeds have almost 50% of your daily magnesium needs and are also loaded with iron and essential fatty acids. Broccoli, grapes, legumes, cruciferous vegetables sweet potatoes, and spinach or any fresh fruit will help with sweet cravings.

If You’re Craving Fried Foods // Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the smell of fried food. It’s such a bummer! But, really it’s horrible for you. The oxidized oils are cancer causing, fat creating and create intense brain fog. Craving fried food can mean that your body is low in healthy fats and needing a calcium boost. Simply eating some good quality fats and calcium rich foods can help take care of this craving.

Avocado, tahini (very high in calcium), almond butter, Brazil nuts, coconut, coconut oil and olive oil will all help. You can add most of these to smoothie, salads, or simply eat them on their own.

If You’re Craving Bread, Pasta or Conventional Baked Goods // Carb cravings indicate a need of protein and nitrogen. There are plenty of healthy foods to help eliminate these cravings and support your body’s balance. 

Beans, peas, lentils, spinach, cauliflower and gluten-free oatmeal are all great choices. You can even make your own healthy muffins or baked goods!

If You’re Craving Coffee // When you are craving a caffeine fix, your body is probably needing phosphorous and sulfur.

You can get these two essentials in seaweed, onion, garlic, red peppers, apple cider vinegar,black cherries and dark leafy greens. You may also want to try Matcha if you feel like the craving is more a need of energy. Coffee does have it’s time and place, I try to cycle it, having it one week but not the next.

Relax // Eating a balanced diet 100% of the time isn’t what I suggest my clients aim for… It’s just not realistic. I suggest they aim for healthy and happy. We go on vacations, we want the churro, we enjoy indulging once in awhile and I totally support that. This guide isn’t to steer you away from enjoying a treat… it’s here to help you make healthy choices most of the time. Enjoy the treats that you do have, savor the latte and butter up that bread, just don’t do them all at once and make sure you’re not doing it everyday. If you eat the bread, have a huge salad too! The guilt we lay on ourselves in more toxic than the food. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t follow your hopes of eating perfectly. Take a breath, relax and know that you are in charge and you have the authority to make healthy choices for your body.


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