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I’m always reading (or listening on audible) to at least 3 books at a time. I love to feed myself on a couple levels: Emotional, physical and mental. The food books literally feed me 🙂 I’m loving all of these right now. Some of them are oldies but goodies that I return to over and over again and some are current favorites that are newly added to my shelf. Each of them is fabulous and will absolutely change your predictive and give much to consider.


01. THE MOON JUICE COOKBOOK // Amanda inspires me so much. I remember when I was 24 and spending a huge part of my paycheck at Moon Juice in Venice because it made me feel so good. Truly good and it was 100% worth it for me. She lit the spark in me for opening a juice bar. Something I had always dreamed of but never though I could pull off. I so appreciate this book and it’s artistic layout. The photos are a wonderful representation of Amanda’s beautiful brand. The milks are insane! I think this is a artful read as well as a cook book. Lots of wisdom and inspiration.

02. THINK AND GROW RICH // Many of you may have read this already or have likely heard about it. I had heard about it for years but it just recently fell into my lap and I began reading it. I love it because it so wonderfully brings together much of the work I do emotionally and spiritually with manifestation and divine guidance. It speaks of these things in a different old school manner but really brings home some great points. Many of us have a deep seeded belief that the pursuit of money is somehow not holy, spiritual or generally okay. This book is a wonderful reminder that you don’t have to be spiritually devoid to pursue wealth. It speaks largely about passion and giving back. A lovely and inspiring read.

03. THE PRESENCE PROCESS // One my my oldest most loved books. The Presence Process is a text and guide to present moment awareness though breath work and deep emotional pondering. I love this book or all it has brought me to within myself.

04. THE OBSTACLE IS THE WAY // I love the stories and examples in this book. A wonderfully inspiring book for turning obstacles into growth. Many of know that we can learn from our dark moments, but putting that into action can often be challenging. I love how Ryan talks about it in this book. This and Think and Grow Rich pair well together.

05. TRANSFORMATION THOUGH INTIMACY // This is a book my husband and I are reading together. We do our best to meet once a week to talk about our findings and reflections. Relationships are interesting to say the least. Males and females communicate in many different ways, I love this book because it speaks clearly and brings to light much of the shadow that can lurk within our relationships. An amazing read for both couples and individuals alike.

06. SURVIVAL INTO THE 21’st CENTURY // A bit of a cult classic in the health foodie world, this book was introduced to me years ago by my mom. I absolutely love it. The illustrations, interesting research and raw food inspiration is all on point.

07. PLAYFUL PARENTING // Another book my husband and I are reading right now, a really really great book for helping children with emotional distress or just getting dressed in the morning. I love how easy it is to read and how much wisdom I’ve already gained from it. Truly a blessing for parents and children alike.

08. A BEAUTY COLLECTED // Rachel is such a talent. This picture driven ABC’s of nature book is a must. I read it with Henry but also find myself turning to it for inspiration and enjoyment. The photos are stunning and the simple and sweet wording is perfect for children.

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