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Meet Ani Kravi… you probably have seen Anni’s incredibly artistic smoothie bowls and amazingly gorgeous vegan food. Her instagram @anniskk is one of the most lovely and inspiring things to look at! She’s smart, beautiful and incredibly talented. Beyond being a health coach, she’s also co-founded a healthy food concept called Date + Kale in Finland. I find her style so refreshing and light hearted. What a pleasure to learn more about this beautiful woman!

She’s also sharing one of her amazing recipe with us! See the bottom of this post.


anni kravi
anni kravi

what is your morning routine like? Do you follow a set routine?

wake up + make my bed

wash my face with cold water

brush teeth + tongue scraper

shower + dress up

glass of hot lemon water

breakfast + tea

anni kravi

do you eat breakfast? if so what is it?

it depends on the season but typically it is a raw or cooked porridge made with buckwheat or millet, plant mylk, flaxseeds, lots of berries like black currants or wild blueberries, topped with coconut chips, bee pollen and tahini or almond butter. i variate with different spices like cinnamon or cardamom and herbs like licorice or ashwagandha. on the side i have a cup of matcha or turmeric tea with coconut manna. i also take vitamins D and B12 as a food-grown supplement from wild nutrition and lately also a mix of cordyceps, eleuthero, maca, baobab, ginger, turmeric and probiotics from living nutrition.

what’s your diet like? do you stick to any kind of “diet”?

i’ve never really labeled myself as a follower of any specific diet. i eat plant-based, whole foods although i still have fish from time to time when eating out. i love green foods, especially kale, spinach and broccoli but i try to incorporate all the colours of the rainbow to my daily diet to make sure i get all the essential nutrients from my food. in addition to veggies, eat a variety of grains like quinoa, amaranth and black rice, a lot of beans + lentls, finnish tempeh made out of lupin or broad beans, sometimes tofu, and so on. i love seaweeds, miso and umeboshi vinegar for flavouring my food. i also eat sauerkraut daily for probiotics. tahini, almond butter and other nut/ seed spreads as well as olive and avocado oil and coconut and apple cider vinegar are also some ingredients that i use pretty much on a daily basis. on the sweeter side, i love the nordic superberries such as black currants, cloudberries, sea buckthorn berries. every night i also have a piece or two of my homemade raw chocolate with lots of coconut butter as well as tulsi and brahmi in it.

tell us a bit about you journey to finding health and wellness

i used to dance when i was younger so sports have always been an important part of my daily life. healthy eating kind of came alongside – i’ve always liked cooking and experimenting with special ingredients in the kitchen. some years ago, when applying to university and then moving to another city, i started having some stress-related stomach issues and sleeping problems which made me pay even more attention to what i was eating. afterwards, i’ve found a way of eating and exercising that works just perfectly for me.

anni kravi

do you have any tips for being productive and getting a lot done?

i tend to be more productive and efficient when i have many things to do at the same time, although i think it’s best to focus on one at a time and get it done properly before hopping on a new project. i use simple to-do lists daily to keep track on what i have accomplished and which tasks still need to be done and set clear deadlines for myself.

anni kravi

anni kravi

tell us a bit about your day! We love to hear about your routines, rituals, your foods, your tonics, your exercise and your meditation… what is it that makes you feel wonderful?

every day is different. at the moment, i’m working really hard on opening my first restaurant, DATE + KALE, so my typical day would be waking up, making breakfast (like the one described above + almost always taking a photo of it it to post on instagram, haha) and working on emails, orders, job contracts or whatever i have on hand until mid-day. i prefer having lunch at home (these days most likely something that i have prepped on sunday), then typically have meetings in the afternoon. some time around five or six i go to gym or yoga if i’m not going out to see friends, then get back to work at home later on. i usually have a simple meal of kale, quinoa, broccoli, steamed sweet potato and tempeh or beans + lots of tahini, some nori and a spoonful of sauerkaut for dinner. i still have a bad habit of working too late in the evenings although i’m trying to stop looking at screens a bit before before bedtime. i need eight hours of sleep to function properly so that’s something i don’t compromise on. especially now that my days are super full of work, also the importance of finding time for my yoga practice excercising is huge. that is what keeps me balanced.

who do you look up to most?

all my fellow women entrepreneurs and girl bosses!

what one thing do you do everyday?

eat a nourishing meal in peace.

 what’s currently being read and listened to in your world?

my IIN lecture notes. Kacy hill – experience.

what are you working on that you are most excited about right now?

DATE + KALE, which is my plant-based healthy deli opening in helsinki in the beginning of december. this far, it has been a very exciting learning project for me that has taken a lot of time and effort so i cannot wait to see how it will all turn out. also my first own cook book, ’porridge’ with all kinds of healthy yummy porridges, smoothie bowls, snacks and plant mylks is coming out in january which i am super happy about as well.

12. what are your parting words of wisdom?

be the best version of yourself.

anni kravi


(Raw) black currant + millet porridge

1 dl millet

2 dl black currants (frozen)

1 banana

1 tbsp ground flaxseeds

1 ½ dl almond mylk (+ 1 tbsp pulp if on hand)

¼ tsp liquorice root powder

½ tsp ashwagandha (optional)

toppings ideas:

cloudberries, raspberries, black currants, mulberries, coconut chips, bee pollen, mint, almond butter

the night before, rinse the millet at least three times and then soak overnight in fresh water. in the morning rinse once more and blend with the remaining ingredients (except toppings). por into a bowl and top with whatever you like!

anni kravi



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