S // The first time I met Fern was at my juice bar in Sedona, she was on a girls trip with some other amazing women. I was touched by her calm but somehow fiery energy. She was absolutely radiant. I didn’t know anything about her, but I could tell she was a mover and a shaker. I could also tell that she was 100% comfortable in her body. She had that effortless sexiness that only people who really have found a place of love whiten themselves have. I was intrigued! We all sat down for lunch and I learned a bit about Fern and her amazing journey, her thyroid yoga and her beautiful body care line Ajai (I now carry it at Local Juicery!). Fern is what strong and radiant is all about. She is strong, she is radiant and she is grounded in love and authenticity.

Something I love about Fern is her follow through. I’ve found that success is dependent on a few key things, and follow through is one of them. I appreciate people who let you now whats up! Fern is awesome at this. I feel very grateful to be connected to her, keep your eye on her because she’s done/doing/will do many beautiful things.

Fern Oliva


Fern Olivia Langham is an international teacher and speaker on the power of integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing. Based in Los Angeles and a frequent visitor to New York City, she’s the founder of Thyroid.Yoga™ and Ajai Alchemy, and combines her training in Biomedical Engineering with an extensive knowledge of yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantra, holistic health into a one-of-a-kind integrative approach.

Fern Olivia is also the founder of Ajai Alchemy, an all-organic fragrance and beauty brand created to invoke radiance, grace and invincibility through synergistic, seductive essential oil blends artfully chosen to support thyroid and hormone health.
We LOVE them at Local Juicery, I wear them everyday!! They make you smell like love!


Fern Olivia


Before I check my phone or email, I do Sadhana, or daily yoga practice. It’s a pillar that I talk about in my Thyroid Yoga course on MindBodyGreen. When I start my day focused internally on my own healing, I feel empowered, powerful, and laser sharp. My practice is inspired by my studies in functional medicine, yoga and holistic health, and most importantly, my own healing journey. I have woven together what I found to be the most beneficial, most powerful poses and techniques to nourish and support your thyroid, which is precisely the secret behind Thyroid.Yoga™.



After I’ve done some movement and meditation, then I feed my body. I follow a 12-hour intermittent fast from the time of my last meal the night before until the next day after my morning run on the beach and yoga practice, and I like to keep things light in the morning. I’ve found this works best for my body type and energy levels. My go-to is a smoothie blended with homemade hemp milk, matcha, coconut butter, probiotics, schisandra and pearl.

I also blend in organic raw probiotic from microbiome expert Body + Eden. This is the ultimate beauty food! Why? Beauty begins in the gut — when we’re not digesting our food properly, we feel puffy, bloated, foggy, our skin breaks out, and we get sick. More potent than a capsule, naturally fermented herbs and superfoods allow for easy assimilation and better absorption of minerals and nutrients while helping your body replenish its beneficial gut bacteria.

If I feel like I need a bit more energy for the day ahead, I top my smoothie with a sprinkle of bee pollen, one of my favorite beauty superfoods.



I don’t stick to a “diet,” but rather focus on eating intuitively and nourishing my body with high-quality, organic superfoods. I love cooking and preparing my own foods, so much so that I recently became inspired to write a recipe book after serving up foods as chef on one of my recent retreats. I’ve birthed the Thyroid Yoga Recipe Book: You Nourish You, with gorgeous photography and additional recipes featured by Parsley Health founder Dr. Robin Berzin; expert Ayurvedic practitioner Tina Paymaster; plant-based chef and healer Cassandra Bozdak, nutrition expert Kristin Dahl, and author Nikki Sharp; and I’m very excited to share it with you.

Fern Olivia



My journey began when I was 16 years old – I was constantly struggling with my weight and felt extremely depressed.  Over the following decade, I battled against my body and the horrible discomfort of chronic congestion, puffiness, brain fog, constipation, food allergies, and severe stomach irritability. I was told I had hypothyroidism, meaning my thyroid was under active, and that’s why I was having all the uncomfortable feelings in my body. The worst part was told that I was told I would always have these symptoms and would just have to “deal with them.”

At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, which is the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. My own immune system was destroying my thyroid cells. This “attack and destroy” can cause wild symptom swings from hypothyroid to hyperthyroid, and back. I’d bounce from doctor to doctor and was prescribed pills for my thyroid, but nothing was working. Doctors said “try this pill and you’ll feel a little bit better.” It was all a band-aid, nothing was actually curing the underlying issue.

I’d had enough. I thought to myself, “I studied biomechanics and neuroscience. Why can’t I figure this out?” Turns out, I could…but in an unexpected place.

Yoga found me in 2009. I was immediately hooked and would sneak out on lunch breaks just to be on my yoga mat. It was the first time I felt nurtured and alive in years. It was the missing piece to all the struggles I was experiencing in my body. I began to notice the patterns of how I ate, treated myself and how I felt on my yoga mat, and got really excited about what all this meant. I began to take the first steps of being my own healer, instead of relying on test results and unclear direction.

A very special teacher, Donnalynn Civello, took me under her wing, and she was living the life I wanted to see for myself, too. She was a health and life coach, helping people transform their lives while living a life aligned with how she wanted to live. This captivated me and I wanted to embody this as well.

Now, fast forward to over six years later and I’ve made it my career to empower women to tap into their own inner healer and live their most vibrant life, too. I train healers and practitioners in the method I created and empower them to create their own offerings, educate others, and to become educated, confident leaders in their communities.


I find I work best in the mornings when my energy is at its peak, right after my morning cold plunge, run, and yoga practice on the beach. I’ll take my laptop and go to my favorite cafe to jazz on my to-do list – it’s such a feeling of accomplishment to get things done before I get swept up in meetings!


Take lots of breaks! It’s so important, especially when you’re working on a computer, to get up and stretch every hour. I like to sneak a couple quick poses like downward dog, triangle or cat cow on my mat in between tasks if I’m working at home, and if I’m out and about, I like to take a stroll in between meetings and leave my phone and laptop tucked away.

Fern Oliva



I start every day with a cold plunge into the Pacific Ocean. Splashing in the waves invigorates me, stimulates my lymphatic system and, as an added bonus, is super anti-aging. Cold water plunges are incredible for immune health, and I’ve noticed that I feel significantly more energized when I do my ocean cold plunge first thing in the morning, followed by a run in the deep sand – so good for the calves!

I start my AM yoga practice by applying Grace Alchemy, my best-selling essential oil creation, to my thyroid gland, tracing the infinity sign horizontally and massaging my lymph nodes — it serves as a luxurious reminder that I am a radiant, beautiful woman and that treating myself with love is very important! I roll it on all day and I’ve been told I “smell like love.” You can find this seductive fragrance at Local Juicery or online at

Finally, I’ll do my Thyroid Yoga sequence which consists of cat cow, frog lifts, and other key poses to reset the thyroid and glandular system.


In the afternoon, I moisturize with Solar Sun Protect, a skin protectant made from all organic essential oils in a base of carrot oil and coconut oil to protect my skin. Living in Los Angeles and travelling frequently to sunny destinations such as Sedona, Hawaii and the Cayman Islands, I made this to give my skin some extra love as I spend my days practicing and teaching yoga on the beach. Carrot oil and coconut oil provide natural sun protection and enhance my natural shimmer! It also gives my skin a dewy, radiant glow and the cedarwood and geranium essential oils protect against breakouts.

I also apply Radiance Hair Serum to my hair, which keeps my beach curls wild and sexy without the frizz. Ever since moving to California, I stopped damaging my hair with the flat iron. My hair is the happiest and healthiest it’s been in YEARS!


I like to wind down at night by sitting on my meditation cushion for 20 minutes to practice Vedic meditation, which is a silent eyes-closed practice that promotes deep relaxation. Twenty minutes in complete silence has been really transformational for me – I’m more soft and receptive, and it creates a space of stillness that I can always come back to when things get hectic. I then retreat to savasana with my giant rose quartz crystal from Sedona on my heart chakra. This is a sweet practice that grounds me and brings me back to me.


Elena Brower – Elena an amazing yoga teacher, mamma, healer and dear friend. She does it all, and she’s so classy, calm and poised. She manages so much and stays true to herself and her students. She’s a blessing in my life, and I am very grateful to have studied with her extensively in New York.

Dana James – Dana is one of my most influential role models and friends. She embodies grace and femininity, and is a true powerhouse in the wellness world. She rocks at what she does, she’s driven and is like a big sister to me.

Taryn Toomey – Taryn is the badass of the fitness world. She’s created something called The Class, which is a spiritual somatic experience. There’s nothing like it – you’ve got to try it. I love that she just is fearlessly herself and has dedicated her life to empowering women to fearlessly be themselves, too.

Guru Jagat – Guru Jagat is the founder of RA MA Institute, a Kundalini yoga studio in Venice and an epic online global community. She’s uncensored – she really wants her students and the world to be aware and awakened to what’s really going on. I love that about her. She’s been the catalyst for me to step into my power here in LA and I admire everything she’s creating with RA MA around the world.


The “must” of my self-care routine is a daily yoga practice, or “sadhana.” I’ve made my daily meditation practice non-negotiable, and as my teacher, Guru Jagat says, “How can you expect to have the relationship, the job, the body — whatever the ‘thing’ is — if you’re not committed to your sadhana every single day? If you’re doing it ‘almost every day’ then you’re just going to get almost ‘the thing.”



I’ve been able to curate a program that works for every thyroid issue, through combining the best of the best knowledge from the most renowned teachers, healers and experts. It’s my ultimate goal to train practitioners all over the world with this transformational method, so they can take it back to their communities and share the gift of self-healing.

Thyroid Yoga™ artfully infuses wisdom from western and eastern medical perspectives to create a total healing approach.

I’ve combined my education in Biomedical Engineering, with ancient eastern and western wisdom to create a unique method with deep roots in integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing.

Thyroid Yoga™ has been endorsed by leading medical doctors as a proven way to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that influence thyroid functioning.

I have partnered with RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Sciences and Technology to host my initial training for the first wave of Thyroid Yoga™ teachers, launching November 3-6 both live in Los Angeles and live streaming globally. I’m offering the virtual training as an ongoing training where participants can take the training and become a certified Thyroid Yoga™ practitioner anywhere in the world. I’m proud to announce that we now we have over 6 countries represented with new Thyroid Yoga™ practitioners and this is rapidly growing!

My vision for these Thyroid Yoga™ certified practitioners is for each to first and foremost, understand how to utilize the practices to balance their own glandular system for sustained health, and then absolutely have the confidence to share these practices with the world as they develop their own signature offerings. I aim to empower each person who takes this training to create their own ripple effect of health and healing in our global community. This could be in the form of retreats, speaking engagements, personal and group healing work, yoga, meditation, functional medicine – truly the possibilities are infinite and this is what makes this so exciting for me!
11. What does this next year into 2017 look like for you?

I’m expanding production of my Ajai Alchemy line and adding an Ayurvedic skin care line which you will see soon at Local!

Thyroid Yoga™ has gone global and I have an exciting lineup of events with wellness leaders and the world’s most acclaimed eastern and western medical doctors! More traveling, more speaking gigs, more teacher trainings. Connect with me on instagram @fernolivia to find out the details for my Thyroid Yoga #AttunedBeauty retreat happening in October 2017 in an exclusive locale in Cayman Brac!

…AND a book!

It’s all been a dream come true, and I am deeply thankful for the teachers, mentors and friends who have encouraged me to do the work that is true to my soul.


Connect with Fern Olivia on instagram @fernolivia and Facebook for powerful resources and inspiration, and be the first to know about her upcoming Thyroid.Yoga™ teacher training program in LA and Australia, as well as her life-changing retreats. And be sure to check out her gorgeous beauty and fragrances here at Local Juicery in Sedona!


Instagram: @fernolivia #attunedbeauty




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