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Holly is magic. The first time I ever met Holly was in high school in Sedona, AZ… yup, we go back (and yay for awesome Sedona ladies doing great things with food, we have a huge list now of Sedona foodie woman making moves). Holly was ahead of me in school. She was brilliantly gorgeous, hilarious and had such a beautiful voice. I was a shy and very very scared freshman. What I always remember about Holly was her kindness. High school can be incredibly cruel and within 5 months of school I had already been introduced to many not so nice circumstances. Holly was breath of fresh air and I alway thought of her even though we never stayed connected. Many years later, we did reconnect…  of course Holly is still just as radiant, kind and mesmerizing and she kept her quirky sense of humor. She went though a lot with her health and it led her to Conscious Dining, a boutique meal delivery service in Scottsdale and Phoenix. I have been so impressed with Holly and all she is bringing to the table, I know that everything she does is infused with the deepest caring and love. She is a neutron and lifestyle coach and definitely bring a new vibe to the Phoenix that is so needed.


founder of conscious dining

conscious dining


I wake up and think of a few things that make me feel grateful and set my intention for the day, this always seems to brighten and make the days flow better. Room temp lemon water is a must first thing in the morning, I never miss it. I generally sit in my backyard on an adirondack, taking deep breaths in the sunshine and drink it


I’m not a huge fan of a big meal right off the bat, nor do I feel hungry right away. I always think it’s important to listen to your body and fuel when needed. Food can be an energy zapper for me, so generally I will start with a small amount of protein (nuts, seeds, salad, egg) first thing and a bulletproof coffee or matcha with adaptogens; which are new for me and I’m a firm believer in already.


I don’t categorize myself with any specific diet anymore. I have challenged myself over the past six years working with a diet that felt best for me. I’ve strictly followed paleo, auto-immune paleo, vegan, candida cleanse protocol, dabbled with ketogentic and what I’ve come to learn is that you can’t hold on to anything too tightly – including your diet. I noticed I would become obsessive about it and actually shame myself for indulging, even if it was something healthy! I primarily eat a plant-rich vegan diet and occasionally have wild fish, organic meats and eggs. I usually crave meat when I need to be grounded and need a boost of extra vitamins and minerals. I’ve learned what makes me feel great and I know what doesn’t – I believe everyone has to do the work for themselves in order to know what works for them.


I wanted to be able to share my passion for eating and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle with others that truly need it. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that creates a severe inflammatory response, which can only be healed quickly (and safely) with medication. It has been the driving force for me to help others, be my own boss, rest when my body needs it and stay committed on my own wellness journey to heal holistically. It was a catalyst for me to let go and create my legacy to help others. I want nothing more than to love what I do, so that my life’s work doesn’t have to feel like a job. So I created my dreamy work-love situation and Conscious Dining was born. We specialize with in-home meal preparations where we grocery shop, prep and stock clients fridge with healing, loving foods. We currently work with athletes from the AZ Cardinals and Phoenix Suns organizations, and consult with various naturopath offices to support clients with health conditions that need a specific dietary plan. I wrote in my journal before launching my business less than a year ago, that I wanted to personally consult with professional athletes and people who have been recently diagnosed that need support/education. #manifestyourdreams

I’m really aware of my environment: natural light, cleanliness, energy and nature all contribute to feeling productive. Also, productivity happens best when I plan it. I am great at setting timeframes through out my workday, building in breaks to put my feet up, sit in the sunshine or take a walk. I will even schedule social media times so that I’m not sucked in this alternate reality that isn’t healthy for me.


I try my best to have a consistent meditation practice, which is important for me as I continue to grow older.  I always spend part of my meditations focusing on the things in my life I’m grateful for. When our focus is on what we want, we seem to forget about what we have. I try my best to get out of that space through breath work and the consistent reminder of the beauty in my world.  Everyday I show my husband love and we give each other presence: whether it’s making dinner together, taking our pups for a W (can’t say walk!), spending quality time before bed or simply being one as we watch Netflix. I love creating in the kitchen and I will usually whip up something healthy and fun on the weekends. We always have a Sunday dinner with our closest friends which I look forward to every week – healthy foods and connection are so good for the soul.


My biggest mentor has always been and will always be my sister. She is the reason why my whole family is on a healthier path. She chose to change her life and though the power she created shifted our whole families commitment to health. I also adore Ellen DeGeneres – she’s so positive and her mantra is be ‘kind to everyone.’


Get outside and ground myself without any interference of technology.


The Universe Has Your Back – Gabby and recently dug up some TLC CrazySexyCool


I’m working hard on a few new products for my business, which make me really excited, like peeing my pants excited! I’m also working on a fulfillment project for myself that will be a resource for anyone experiencing chronic kidney disease.


Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens. xx



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