Strong + Radiant Gift Guide

Strong + Radiant Gift Guide


This Gift Guide is a collection of my most favorite items that i’m actually gifting this year. We keep the holidays pretty simple at our home, I always go for quality over quantity. I would rather gift one really amazing thing that will be cherished. I hope your holiday is off to a beautiful start. Keeping in mind the real spirit of these holiday celebrations; that love is real, it’s kind, it’s available within us at any moment. Compassion and empathy are to me the best gifts… and if that comes with a side of Nucifera or Gold Spoons… Sure,  I’ll take it! But seriously, lets do our best this year to gift one another with the gift of a higher group conciseness. When you rise, you rise the world.

Happy Holidays loved one!


01. JIVA APOHA // This is the best perfume. Natural, not toxic but totally intoxicating in the best way possible. I love all three of the and actually use a combo when I wear them for a unique small. Angela is such a beauty of a persona and gives so much. I’m grateful for her conscious brand of oils and perfumes.

02. MOON CUTLERY // To make your instagram food photos just a little bit more fun! Who doesn’t want a gold spoons?

03. CHARLOTTE STONE // My most favorite shoes. I love these so much and they can be worn with anything. They can dress up any casual outfit for the evening or serve to dress down fancy outfit. Check out the others too, Charlotte Stone in general is awesome.

04. MOON DIVAS GUIDE BOOK // Perfect for a fun go-to for help with transition and astrological advice that’s presented in a not so serious but still get to the point way.

05. THE CUT ROSE DIAMOND RING // A little decoration for your sweet self. This is such a lovely rustic piece. I’ve been lusting over it for a while. A lovely and artistic ring to add to your collection.

06. CERAMIC MUGS // I have a collection of ceramics starting! I can’t help it, somehow morning tonics and even smoothies last better out of these gorgeous mugs.

07. PROBIOTIC CHOCOLATE // I love everything Sakara, especially these probiotic chocolates! The perfect healthy stocking stuffer.

08. SMELL GOOD DEODORANT // A deodorant that doubles as a perfume because it smells so good! No hormone disruption, just pure good clean pits. Everything you could want in a deodorant but without the unhealthy side effects from your drugstore brand.

09. NUCIFERA // Meredith Baird is a recipe genius in all realms. This body butter is the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. I actually hide mine in the refrigerator so my whole family doesn’t’ use it all. Hence putting it on the gift list. I’ll be gifting this to many this year. It’s clean, smells amazing and goes a long way!

10. HE SHOU WU // My top beautifying tonic her from Sun Potion. I take this at night mixed with turmeric, warm water, coconut butter and stevia.


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