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Meet Michelle, a beautiful and vibrant soul with a talent for gorgeous food that makes you so hungry from just looking at her photos (take a peek at her site The Vibrant Kitchen). She’s a fighter and a flyer… She’s a giver and has wisdom that we could all benefit from. This exert from her bio on her website is a great way to introduce Michelle; “The most luxurious things on earth, are made from what the earth provides. Be it food, skincare, furniture, or clothing all can be made green without forgoing modern indulgences.” Agreed, I also love how much Michelle gives back. She donates 10% of sales from her shop to charities that she cares deeply about. It’s a pleasure to share her Day In The Life with you on Strong + Radiant. She is exactly that, Strong and truly Radiant. Enjoy!

DAY IN THE LIFE // Michelle Gerrard-Marriott

1.      what is your morning routine like? Do you follow a set routine?

I am both a creature of habit and wildness. My one consistent morning routine is breathing deeply, smiling no matter what is happening and being grateful for another day alive. And then either looking at my husband next to me or calling him when he is away at work and basking in

the gratitude for our love.  These simple moments are followed by Nettle or Lemon Balm tea.


2.       do you eat breakfast? if so what is it?

Yes, well it is more like daily brunch. I like starting early mornings with tea and or organic juice. Around 10:30-11:00am I love to eat some hearty food! I love breakfast tacos filled with roasted butternut squash or red potatoes seasoned with smoky paprika, cumin, black pepper, turmeric and pink salt. With radishes and romaine to top and a spicy cashew aioli. Or my other favorite is gluten free toast with fresh fruit like strawberries, figs, or bananas sprinkled with bee pollen or hemp seeds!

3.       what’s your diet like? do you stick to any kind of “diet”?

I consider myself 100% vegan however many do not approve of bee products in a vegan diet and I do consume small amounts of Organic Honey and wild bee pollen.  Other than that I do not consume any other animal products and I am also gluten free.


4.       tell us a bit about you journey to finding health and wellness

Oh my. This is a long long journey that I am still on and most likely always will be. But in short I have battled chronic illness since I was 18. I got quite ill when I was living in England and ended up having to come home to start my journey to health. This road has had very rough bits, but it also broke me open and made me realize my own strength and the capability of my body to heal itself.  I found a deep affection for ayurvedic medicine and herbalism. Every single day I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained from healing my body. This gorgeous Earth of ours provides little bits of fairy magic. It is truly extraordinary.

5.       any tips for being productive and getting a lot done?

Music, dancing in between the work, turmeric lattes and an extra dose of laughter.  I have also found the best way for me to truly be productive is to not do too much. Set myself the tasks that need to be done and then allow myself to be creative or read or simply look out at the ocean. Become inspired again and continue.


7.        tell us a bit about your day! We love to hear about your routines, rituals,

your foods, your tonics, your exercise and your meditation.

  • morning- Cuddles, smiles gratitude.
  • afternoon- Reading, cooking, Reishi Elixir with Ashwagandha and Astralagus.
  • evening- Dry brushing, Organic skincare routine ( I love Laurel Whole Plant Organics, R.L.Linden, Miskin Organics, Bfree Organics, Isas Restoratives, Alyssum Alchemy and May Lindstrom)

8. who do you look up to?

Ah so so many souls have touched me, inspired me and bettered me. I look up to all people because every single person and creature on this planet has the ability to teach me something.  I bask in the knowledge of others. Their experiences, their stories, their struggles and their joy make this human experience worth it.

9. what one thing do you do everyday?

Read. Books, magazines, the news.

10. Currently reading and currently listening to?

I am currently buried in The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Guin and I have been re-reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I also always revisit books by Toni Morrison. The Bluest Eye and Love being two of my favorites.

Currently listening to Atlas Bound, Phildel, Ben Howard, Gabrielle Aplin, Kaskade, SAFIA, J.Cole. Find me on Spotify. Music is my soul.

11. what are you working on that you are most excited about right now?

I am actually working on revamping my website and online store. I am so excited for the future of The Vibrant Kitchen & Home. Working on it truly makes my heart fill and sometimes I feel like I am among the stars.  I am also awaiting to hear from publishers if my cookbook will be coming to fruition…finally! Exciting things on the horizon.

12. parting words of wisdom

Every single one of us has something to give. Give freely. And live every breath as it was your last because it could be. This fragile human life of ours its swift. Feel every moment while you can.






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  1. Kayon Reynalls

    Michelle, my source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement, love! my sister! my heart! the sweetest soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving! this was a great feature. Kay xxx