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Finding the right supplements in highly saturated health market can be incredibly intimidating. Overly priced supplements can drain the bank and in the end not do anything for your body! This list will help you weave through the the thousands of options and direct you to some of the supplements that really do work. I always recommend my clients eat a diet that is filled with bright organic fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, healthy nuts and seeds and deep green juices. This ensures a great amount of nutrients and minerals, but even with a diet that is plant-based and vegetable focused you can still find yourself lacking in nutrition. Part of this is the environment, part is stress and part is just the different imbalances in each of our bodies. To get really clear with what you need, make sure to see your natural health care professional, but for a basic list of great nutrition, see my list below.


I take supplements to help with digestion at pretty much every meal. When you eat foods that are cooked they have less enzymes than those that are raw, but even raw foods can use some assistance at times. Our bodies have enzyme stored up, but with our fast paced and often polluted world they get worn down and depleted. Taking a supplements ensures your lovely body can assimilate the nutrients from your food and use it for energy and radiant health!

My top three supplements for digestion are:

1. HCL this helps with breaking down fats and animal proteins, I suggested trying this one after meals heavy in fat, protein and starches. I use Premier Labs

2. Triphala is an Ayurvedic formula for full body health and longevity but specifically addresses digestion and bowel movements. The name Triphala means “3 fruits”, these three fruits work together to lubricate, strengthen and detox the body and bowels. I take this every evening without fail. You can find it in powder or capsule form, I prefer the capsule because the taste can be very potent.

3. Bitters used to be a vital part of our ancestors diets, nowadays bitters have mostly been removed form our foods but our bodies really need them. Bitters work with the other flavor components (salt, sweet, fat and acid) and activate the digestive system. They also are incredibly great for liver and spleen, helping them process fats and toxins. I love Urban Moonshine Bitters.


I like to support the natural aging process by taking supplements I know will assist my body in aging gracefully. I don’t fear growing older, I welcome it, but I do want to make sure it is as smooth of a process as possible. My favorite beautifying supplements:

1. Anti-Age by bulletproof, this supplement tricks the body into thinking it’s doing a fast, which is amazing because you get the benefits of fasting without really having to fast. Studies have shown that fasting is one of the best things for anti-aging and long term health.

2. Pine Pollen, I love this for it’s hormone balancing properties. Women often stay away from anything connected to testosterone but studies have been showing that testosterone is actually good for woman’s hormones as we age. It keeps our sex drive up and our bodies firm. I use Sun Potion and love it!

3. Colostrum, I use it for the incredible effects on skin, brain and for gut health. The brand I love is Mattole Valley, I love them because they respect nature as much as possible by letting the calf have the first 8 hours with the mother before taking any milk. They also use incredibly well sourced ingredients from small family farms. This means a lot to me as a consumer.

4. Beauty Dust, who can deny Amanda Bacons gorgeous glow? I think much of this comes from within because she is just that kind of deep rooted beauty of a person, but the beauty dust can’t hurt. I love this dust blended into my warm tonics. It’s the perfect night time tonic for a glow from the inside out. this blend is really wonderful because it incorporates many of the herbs I use into one easy to use powder. My two favorites; schisandra and pearl


This is something I’m always thinking about, especially with a child and a high stress job. I’m continually working overtime, meeting deadlines and trying to be mama in the middle. I talk to hundreds of people a day and often end up giving big hugs and handshakes, I love this part of the job but it’s also make me really focused on staying continually aware of my immune function.

  1. Turmeric, I can’t even begin to rave enough about turmeric. It’s a fairly common food based supplement nowadays which is great! Just make sure to use black pepper and a healthy fat to increase the bioavailability of this amazing root. I mix turmeric into most of my meals and drinks. I cant wait to share a new product I’m working on that will make getting turmeric easy and so satisfying.
  2. Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C is my go to when I feel any kind of cold coming on, I usually use a packet every other day, but when I’m feeling a cold or sickness creeping I double up. I love it because I can take it with me really easily and I can mix it with my green juice. This product is based in Liposomes (a fabulous carrier for nutrients mimicking our bodies cells). It is very easy for the body to breakdown and actually use liposomes, making it incredibly bioavailable.
  3. CBD is a hemp and/or cannabis derived super immunity healer that is going to change the health market and change the healing process for many. I’m really excited about this product and it’s new availability on the market. CBD has incredible benefits for the body when it comes to inflammation and immune function. I use 2risenaturals (about to hit the market in October) because I know the founder Kendra and have witnessed the amount of research, integrity and the pure quality of ingredients the company is committed to using.


The most important supplements! In order to function at a high level we need energy. Drinking too much coffee and using overly processed forms of caffeine can really harm your body and wear down your adrenals. Using plant based energizers that support your whole body is the best way to get enduring energy and longevity with out the dreaded diagnose of adrenal fatigue.

  1. Raw Cacao, yes you read that right. Cacao is a beauty superfood and I consider it a supplement for youth and for beauty. Its an aphrodisiac, hormone balancer and the polyphenol antioxidants found in cacao are the same found in green tea and red wine, making them a powerful antioxidants that prevent cell form breaking down. Cacao has many other properties but these are my favorites. Make sure to find high quality chocolate preferably from South America. My two favorite ways to get cacao is in bars and as a superfood smoothie or tonic add on. I use Terrasoul cacao at my home and at my shop.
  2. Alpha Brain is a product from Onnit. it is a clinically studied nootropic (cognitive enhancer) that increases brain activity and actually works to repair damage in the brain while keeping you focused and energized. I started using Alpha Brain when I was opening my business and it helped me stay organized in my brain and in my daily actions.
  3. Maca, probably my oldest and most trusted supplement. It is a South American root that has been used successfully for men and woman for thousands of years. I use it in my daily life for energy, hormone balancing and over all sexiness! Seriously, its a libido booster for both men and woman. I love the malty flavor and it pairs well with almost every smoothie or tonic. I prefer roasted Maca and use Whole World Botanicals

Each person and beautiful body calls for a unique blend of supplements and nutrition. We are all very different and deal with a wide variety of health needs. However these supplement support many of the core issues we all deal with on a regular basis. Turning to wholesome plant-based supplements and nutrition that are thoroughly researched and proven is the best way to promote radiant health and longevity! Keep the conversation going! Please comment below and let us know what supplements are working for you!



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