Matcha Mylk from Raw and Radiant

Just when you thought I couldn’t post another matcha mylk recipe… I can’t help it guys. Matcha is my favorite superfood and it seriously fuels my mornings. I’m super excited about this one because it’s from my up and coming book Raw + Radiant (out January 16th but on preorder right now!). I love Mizuba Matcha as well as Sun Potion and Cap Beauty. All wonderful options. What I love most about matcha is the cozy and almost savory flavor that pairs so nicely with the morning time. It’s a very soft way to wake up and ease into your day. I find that coffee can be a little harsh and though I still love a cup of superfood coffee here and there, Matcha is my go to for energy, clarity, focus and even longevity.

Raw and Radiant is full of colorful recipe such as this one that you can add to any diet. I wrote this book because I felt like there was need for a recipe book and lifestyle guide that starts where you’re at. I don’t eat 100% raw, but I do find amazing benefits from leaning on plants for a large portion of my diet. I hope you all love it, It was dreamed up for you.

Today you’ll find the recipe form my Matcha Mylk (great both hot and cold) on my favorite wellness hub The Chalkboard Mag! Get the recipeĀ HERE. Make sure to post what you make and share with me #strongandradinat

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