Stay Healthy (and Sane) This Holiday Season

This time of year can get a little hectic. If you have kids or a lot of extended family, you’re probably feeling it. I was talking to a lot of people coming though my shops the past couple weeks and the overwhelming conversation was around how stressful the holidays are. I thought I’d share a couple things that have really helped me cool down and just relax this year. Here are my tips for connecting, slowing down and meeting the holidays with presence.

  1. Cycle Caffeine // Going off caffeine can be incredibly helpful for your immune and nervous system. When you over do it on the coffee, you get a spike of cortisol that lifts you up for  bit and puts your body in a fight or flight mode. Easing off during stressful times is a very healthy thing to do that supports your whole being. Move to Matcha or brewed green tea and then finally to tonics loaded with maca and energy supporting herbs for a softer but very energized day. Here are my tips on how to ween off coffee and caffeine without the headache.
  2. Find your Boundaries //Holidays can get tricky with family, social engagements and commitments. Listen to your body/mind. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a f**k no. If you say yes when you mean no and no when you mean yes, you’ll be adding more weight to your shoulders. It’s important to find peace with what’s right for you. The Holidays offer a great platform for beginning this work. It’s okay to be al little selfish with your time and energy, only give it to the events and people that really feed your soul.
  3. Hydrate // drink water… A lot of it. Add some minerals or a little CBD to chill out and handle the gift wrapping and soirées with ease. If your system is over-loaded with stress and Christmas cookies, take a minute and flush it all out with some simple, yet powerful H20. Here’s a healthy cookie recipe so you don’t end up over sugared!
  4. Breath Work // Often we live in such a busy flow that really breathing doesn’t happen. How often do you notice that you’ve been holding your breath? How often do you notice that you’ve been lost in your mind and not here in the real world? Breath work helps with connecting to your body and getting back to the heart of things. This simple technique is grounding and will connect you back to your self, your source. This is the truth and you’ll feel it.HERE IS HOW

    Sit in a comfortable place. Close your eyes if you want to, but it’s not required. Set an alarm or timer for 3 minutes. That’s all you need.

    The breath is like this:  inhale for 5 counts and exhale it all out, every little last bit. Repeat. Very simple, very doable.

    While you are breathing, you’re just watching your mind. No need to stop it, no need to do anything other than see that your thoughts are there, but you are here, here in the breath, you and your thoughts are separate.

  5. Don’t Drink close to Bedtime // If you want good sleep, don’t drink any alcohol within 3 hours of bedtime. I know, it’s hard around this time of year, but I have to tell you, following this little rule has totally changed my sleep. If you decide to have drinks within the 3 hours, follow it with warm lemon water and then 5 charcoal pills. This will help alkalize and remove toxins, helping to lesson the hangover the next morning.

Most of all, remember the real reason we are celebrating this time of year. The christ consciousness or the divine, or the infinite love… whatever you choose to call it… We are celebrating beauty in it most innocent form, celebrating compassion, hope and connection. By remembering this, I hope we can all stop, breath, de-stress and connect from our hearts. Wishing you a very happy Holiday season and a relaxed new year.

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