4 practices for creating space + inspired action

For a long time I was thinking I couldn’t be all I want to be. I was caught up thinking too much about what others might think of me if I do what it is I hope to do. I was caught up thinking I needed to choose one thing and stick to it, I was caught up thinking I couldn’t be in business and be a good parent. Because of all of these self imposed traps, I started to feel my energy drain, my motivation disappear, I started to feel uninspired. The thing is, I’m a creator and this is where I get my energy. Whether it be in creating a recipe, writing a book, designing a new concept… this is where the key to my unlimited energy lies. Its a wonderful thing to become aware of. Everything is always happening for us, not to us. I so believe this and believe that I needed to doubt my calling and doubt my inner “createtress” and put myself in a box in order to be able to get out of it and realize what I had done to myself.

They say that that prime movers of the world often get more done in 2 weeks than most do in an entire year. This inspires me. It’s not that I just want to do, do, do, but I DO want to do things efficiently and live an extraordinary life. This inspires me to stop wasting time on things, people and doings that truly don’t resonate with my souls calling. It inspires me to “shed the weight” so to speak so I can create the life that feels best to me and in alignment with my heart.

I want to have my juice bars, I want to open an all organic restaurant, I want to be a writer and a blogger, I want to be a great mama to Henry and another little star child. I want to be a good friend, I want to be a lover, I want to be a kind and caring daughter, I want to help woman heal from disorder eating, I want to share food with friends and travel to neat places. I want to have a clean house, I want organization. I want time to walk in the mountains, I want time to read, to grieve, to heal. I want time to plant a garden and remodel my bathroom.  I want all these things and more.

In my mind it’s easy to think that i’m crazy and when is enough enough? But when I really sit with my hopes and my “wants” (I’m getting comfortable with being able to let myself want”), what I find is that it’s all very possible. The first part is shedding the judgments of myself and letting that overbearing nonsupporting voice and letting it know that I see it and recognize it for what it is… Not me. The second part is making a plan for all of the above, you can wish for things all you want and post them on a vision board but if you’re not ready to take action, neither is the universe. Freedom from judgment (and caring about what others might think) and inspired action are what seem to be my keys. Below I’m sharing a few other things that are helping me to become the person I hope to be with the experiences and creative endeavors I wish to embark on.

4 practices for creating space for inspired action

DROP THE VAMPIRES – I’m no longer comfortable giving my time and energy to people that suck my energy. You know what I mean, the people who don’t offer anything,  they just take and take. Maybe they are in your life so that you can wake up to knowing what you do and don’t want from friendships. You can bless these people and send them love from afar, but I personally don’t have time in this short life to spend another moment of my precious time with or around them.

TIME YOUR EMAILS- I’ve started checking my email only once a day. Yes this can get hard with a business but it’s something I have to uphold for myself to clear out time. I just make an away message that lets people know what I’m doing and why and directs them to my team if they really need something.

TIME YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA- I am still enacting this one, posting only when needed and turning off all notifications is a must. Otherwise you go down the rabbit hole of comparisons and time sucks. Lets not spend our lives on Instagram. Be deliberate about this. I use an app to schedule my post so I don’t have to spend too much time on my phone.

SPECIAL TIME WITH KIDDOS- I do special time with my little guy. This means a dedicated amount of time each day where he gets to do whatever he wants with me. We set a timer and for 20 minutes I enter Henry’s world. No cell phone, no other adults or children, just special time. This has change my flow at home so much. It make parenting so much easier. My husband does it too so Henry feels really fed by us and then can go off and play while we finish important tasks.

These are the simple things that are helping me make more time in my life for thing people, places and things that are most important to me. I’d love to hear your ways of making room and creating your dream life!

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