My top 6 Strangest Health Practices

I thought you all might be interested in a few of these out of the ordinary things that I do for my family and myself. Some of them are definitely not “convenient” but they are helpful and effective. They might not be popular, but that’s the point. Sharing information that I have found to be so amazingly life enhancing feels good! If you love some of them great, if they don’t speak to you, no problem! I always encourage everyone to do their own research and come to what really feels right for you.

  1. RADIATION MITIGATION :: Something I feel strongly about is protecting my family and myself from unnecessary radiation exposure. Radiation is accumulative and builds up in your system and can effect your health I’m putting this number one on the list. With cell towers all around, 5g in almost all major cities, smart meters at our homes and businesses, cell phones and constant WiFi we are being blasted. Here is what I do to make sure my family is safe.
    1. OPT OUT :: Yup, you can opt out of all smart meters and keep an analog meter. Smart meters are always pulsing radiation, if you find that yours is near your bedroom, it’s especially important to opt out (HERE IS HOW). They may charge a small fine but it’s worth it.
    2. TURN OFF WIFI :: I actually don’t even have WiFi at my house (I know, how do I survive?) but really its much easier than it seems. I just use a desk top. If you’re not feeling like giving up the WiFi I understand, at least turn off the WiFi at night so your body can rejuvenate. There is a way to log into your WiFi and turn it off and on when you need it! Take a peek here. This is great for families that work online or need that option.
    3. USE AIRPLANE MODE Leave your phone/ipad on airplane mode when you don’t need it and please, don’t let kiddos use your phone or ipad when connected online. This site has lots of information and studies on phones and radiation in general. Avoid putting your phone on you! I see mamas who are on their phones with their little one’s sitting on their laps and cringe. I know if they we’re informed they would choose differently. Phones put off major radiation! Even in the booklet on your smart phone there are warnings. On my Iphone X it says not to use the phone in the car because it heightens the exposure to radiation.
    4. CELL TOWER SEARCH :: Be aware of cell towers and where they are hiding, some are sneaky. You can find out where they are here.
    5. CHOOSE WISELY :: Limit radiation from X-rays you get. They are a great way for doctors to make money, but often the amount they recommend are not needed. Often they will push X-rays at the dentist. I just got back to day from an appointment today actually, I had only gone in for a cleaning and they we’re trying to get me to get x-rays, I knew I didn’t need them right now so I declined, they pushed back saying they couldn’t keep me as a client if I didn’t get the X rays. I said, “no problem, I don’t want to be your client then!” Of course they then said it was okay and they really didn’t need any to clean my teeth. The hygienist then told me she thought they took too many anyway! Remember your body is your body! Your choice.
    6. NEXT LEVEL :: As if all this wasn’t enough, we own a meter that measures radiation and EMF’s and we travel with silver cloths that we hang up in hotels rooms to block radiation. Yup, fanatic.
  2. ABSURD AMOUNTS OF GREENS :: So this one is something I’ve been doing for a while and I truly believe in it. I spoke to a friend the other day that’s an MD and she had recently had her hair tested for heavy metals, her results were very high for heavy metals and toxins such as arsenic and lead. She immediately added in an abundance of cilantro, parsley, dandelion and basil into her diet and within 6 months her results we’re back to normal. I consume on average two whole bunches of cilantro a day. I put it in smoothies, soups, salads or just eat it strait up! My favorite recipe is  1 bunch of cilantro, 1 cup frozen pineapple, 1/2 frozen banana, 16 oz orange or grapefruit juice (fresh and raw!) and 1 teaspoon spirulina. Its an acquired taste, one worth acquiring!
  3. STEER CLEAR OF FLAME RETARDANTS :: This has been on a lot of mom’s radars for a while, and it’s kind of a big deal, even the mainstream news has shown specials on the harmful effects of flame retardants. They sadly can be found on most children’s toys and car seats (here are test on many major car seats, bromine is so toxic! ), on most furniture, house decor items and even clothes. So we buy only products with no flame retardants or used items that have had time to seriously “out gas”. I also wash all new toys and clothes with a LOT of apple cider vinegar which helps cleanse out the chemicals.
  4. BRING YOUR OWN DRESSING :: Maybe not that crazy, but I bring my own homemade dressing anytime we eat out. Most restaurants use canola or vegetable oils in their dressings. They also load them up with sugar. No thanks. I use organic cold-pressed olive oil or I stop by my cafe Local Juicery and grab some dressing to go. We use only organic olive oil and sesame oil in our dressings.
  5. CAREFUL WITH SCREEN TIME :: We don’t do any screen time with our kiddo, he’s 4 1/2 and full of wonder. The screens are addicting and actually have damaging effects to the brain, eyes and in many experts opinions, the child’s development. Even Bill Gates and the Late Steve Jobs limited their children’s exposure. As for me, I use blue blockers whenever on the computer. This saves my eyes, my hormones and helps me sleep so much better… Also, we dim the house at around 5:30 and only use our salt rock lights, no LED after 5:00.
  6. EAT RAW FOOD + ORGANIC :: This might be expected from me, but I eat 95% raw and usually 100% raw in the summertime. Life promotes life. Since 2010 when I first went raw I’ve had so many miraculous changes in my body and mind, I do this because it feels good to me and my body responds amazingly. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m not rigid or dogmatic in this practice but I do stick to it most of the time. I also eat only 99.9% organic (pretty dogmatic with that) it’s just the standard I’ve set for me and the family.  If you want to learn more about raw food and my experience check out my book Raw + Radiant.

So there you have it, the things people call me weird for, I’m cool with that because these thing I have researched and experienced situations with that have led me to these practices. I’d LOVE to hear your strange health habits. Pass them along 🙂 Also, the one that didn’t make it on here is filtered water, I use a berkey water filter and recommend them to everyone wanting super clean water.

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  1. Lyrica

    I liked a lot of your practices..the cilantro suggestion, I think I’ll try eating more of it too.
    I don’t use any LED light bulbs in my home, only incandescent (I guess you probably already knew that about me!)
    I wash my hands after handling electrical cables cause I heard they can have lead in them. Same goes for plastics (I try to as much as I can)
    I use natural sea sponge instead of tampons. The ones I have have lasted 1-2 years, so my period doesn’t cost me any money after the initial low cost purchase.
    I stopped purchasing clothing with microfiber or synthetics as I believe they slough off and can end up in our respiratory system (not to mention the world’s water system (s)) I don’t think it’s been tested yet but it’s just an intuition I had.
    Great article!

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