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    I liked a lot of your practices..the cilantro suggestion, I think I’ll try eating more of it too.
    I don’t use any LED light bulbs in my home, only incandescent (I guess you probably already knew that about me!)
    I wash my hands after handling electrical cables cause I heard they can have lead in them. Same goes for plastics (I try to as much as I can)
    I use natural sea sponge instead of tampons. The ones I have have lasted 1-2 years, so my period doesn’t cost me any money after the initial low cost purchase.
    I stopped purchasing clothing with microfiber or synthetics as I believe they slough off and can end up in our respiratory system (not to mention the world’s water system (s)) I don’t think it’s been tested yet but it’s just an intuition I had.
    Great article!

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