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Every so often I like to share the books on my beside table and on my audible account. I’ve always been a non fiction lover, although I do love historical fiction. These are the 8 books that are on rotation right now.

  1. Come As You Are by Emily Nagosky is amazing. All about the female body, sex and rem dinging us that we are all normal and beautiful. Did you know that 70% of woman don’t orgasm during sex? I love how she breaks down the the facts and bust a lot of common societal beliefs. Very empowering.
  2. How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger is fascinating. It’s actually the book that made my meat eating husband go vegan. It’s loaded with powerful information for nutrition and living a long healthy life.
  3. Healing the Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw is a classic. I actually got this book from my mom’s bookshelf when I was 16. I’m reading it again with a whole new outlook and experiences. It’s been incredibly healing for me. He has a very accessible way of sharing information that can be complex. I love this work because it’s really about getting to the deep and dark spots within and shining a bright light on them. I like that he really helps you move though things, it’s not just words, it’s things you can feel and put into action.
  4. WomanCode by Alisa Vitti ¬†should be required reading for all woman, if I ever have a daughter she will be getting this as a gift as soon as she begin puberty. I never really knew much about cycle syncing and wasn’t very connected to my moon time. I am forever changed by this book. My symptoms of PMS, moon time pain and fatigue are things of the past. So grateful to Alisa.
  5. Conscious Loving by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks is an oldie but goodie, another one I took from my mom’s shelf as a teen. This one has helped me see so much about myself and the patterns I perpetuate in my relationships. It’s practical and easy to assimilate. I feel like my marriage has shifted for the better since I started reading this amazing book.
  6. The Everything Store by Brad Stone is so inspiring to me. I love hearing peoples stories and Jeff Bezo’s has a great one.
  7. The State of Affairs by Esther Perel is looking at affairs from a different angle.  Many of us are effect by an affair in some form this book is beautiful and defiantly worth a read.
  8. Reflections on Self by J Krishnamurti is one of my all time favorites. He shares very bluntly and I appreciate that. His message to question all authority even our own minds has been really helpful for my life and finding peace, even if just moment.


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