Check out my first podcast ever, totally honored that Ashley chose to interview me! What fun way to make a new friend. Ashley is so amazing is has such a calming voice, thank goodness, because I was so nervous. If you haven’t checked out her amazing podcast Manifest This, now is the time. She’s interviewed some pretty amazing woman and I can’t get enough. I’ll be featuring Ashely on my “Day in the Life” Series this coming Wednesday. She’s got an incredible story.



In the episode we dissucss : 

+ Summer’s holistic upbringing, being born at home, being exposed to nature, living off the grid
+ moving with her mother to Sedona, Arizona
+ being ‘the weird kid’ at school and how this affected her development
+ what she describes as having a fragmented sense of self’
+ experiencing a dark time after moving to California and changing her career path
+ what led her to trying her first juice cleanse
+ coming home to herself
+ attending Matthew Kenney’s school and working for him
+ pregnancy
+ openning Local Juicery in Seonda in 2015
+ her experience with disordered eating
+ raising plant-based children
+ home-schooling vs. public school
+ ups & downs with meat
+ postpartum recovery
+ spending time doing the things you enjoy
+ finding balance and enjoyment in life
+ crystals
+ knowing what’s right for YOU
+ how to incorporate more plants into your diet

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