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Each year, usually around the late spring/early summertime I do a fast. I do this for many reasons, my body, my mind, and my spiritual life all benefit from this practice. I don’t have any strong guidelines to my cleanses and each year I choose something that feels good to me at the time. Last year was a juice fast, sometimes it’s food-based cleanse, it just depends on what my body is going through and how I’m feeling. This year I wanted to try a fruit flush, I haven’t done one in over 5 years and felt it was time.

Lately, I’ve been over stressed with work and finishing projects, my body has been tired and I really just felt the need for high vibe fruits to fuel me. I had the “fruit fear” for a hot minute when the I quit sugar movent was all over and Bulletproof was taking over. I actually felt heavier and more unhealthy not eating fruit, it really just depends on your own personal needs and body. I was a long time raw foodist and ate a tone of fruit during that time, I felt healthier than ever during that period of my life. So, I love fruit and it’s always in my diet. I decided to do a fruit flush because I was reading Rational Fasting by Arnold Ereht and go so inspired!  While I don’t stand behind everything stated in this book, I do have experience with fruit fasting and it’s always been amazing when done right. So if you’re interested in getting a clear head, getting fast-tracked to your heart and maybe losing a little weight or maybe not (it really depend on your bodies needs), then trying a fruit flush might be fun and stimulating for you.

***I also want to say if you are currently struggling with an eating disorder this kind of fast might not be the best for you. Any kind of fasting or flushing can be triggering for those suffering from disordered eating. I struggled with an ED all through my teenhood and into my early 20’s. I’m very much past it and doing this now is just healing for me, but there was a time when this would have been less about cleansing and more about weight. I encourage anyone doing a cleanse to consider all the reasons we clean up our bodies and minds, not just the physical reasons. Cleanses can be great short term, but are not a sustainable way to feed yourself on a normal day to day basis. Often people with ED can get stuck in the cleanse state and never return to a balanced way of eating. Just keep this in mind as you proceed.

I’ll lay out my protocol below, how I begin my cleanses, break my cleanses and things I do to support myself during the detox period.


My structure is really loose, thing things I do stick to are:

  • whole foods, no packaged fruit juices, though organic cold-pressed juice is okay, still, whole fruit is best.
  • only organic fruits, pesticides are endocrine disruptors among many other things. The point of this cleanse is to reset hormones and upgrade your health, don’t bring it down with toxins.
  • I water fast until 11:00 am using my Berkey water filter and trace minerals. This isn’t necessary, it’s just was suits me best.
  • I still do lemon water in the mornings with a little warm water and 1/2 lemon
  • Get ph strips from your local health food store to test your PH. I just like to see how my body reacts to different foods and practices. Should be between 6.5-7.5


ADDING: an abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and broth

REMOVING: matcha, chocolate and any stimulates, cooked food * I slowly dose myself down on matcha or tea to lessen the effect of the withdrawals, yes sadly, matcha is addicting just like coffee.


ADDING: an abundance of fresh fruits, smoothies, and veggies

REMOVING: matcha, no cooked food or any chocolate today, still less on the matcha.


ADDING: an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies

REMOVING: no more matcha, definitely feeling the withdrawal


Wake up around 6:30 some deep breathing and stretching, definitely feeling the no caffeine. My brain is foggy and it’s good that I have the day off to just rest. I go outside and get good sunlight, drink lots of mineralized water. Around noon I hack into a watermelon and over the course of 3 hours finish the whole thing. This is called a mono meal. Melons prefer to be eaten alone, they digest super fast and when you add other fruits it can slow the process and cause a little fermentation in the tummy.

Today I enjoyed: 1 whole large watermelon, 3 mangos, 1/2 pineapple, 1 apple



Today I was still in a blur. I worked but kept loosing things. I had to be in the kitchen training our new team members at Local Juciery. That was hard! The paleo muffins we made smelled amazing. The first 3 days of cleansing are the hardest, once you get over the hump, it’s easy peasy. I went to bed at 7:30 pm with my kiddo.


Another day in the kitchen at Local. I created my first ever recipe without taste-testing! The Matcha Brownie, fortunately, I had my whole team to let me know if it would fly or not. I felt pretty steady energy-wise, but still pretty foggy. I had my first meal at 10:00 today, just needed more with being at work.

Today I enjoyed: 2 honeydew melons, 1/2 pineapple, 1 packet blackberries, 1 packet strawberries, 2 mangos


Today was another work day, felt very foggy and irritable. I could definitely feel the “cleanse” kicking in. Brain fog all day and super low energy. I added a little avocado to my dinner to slow the cleansing effect. Fat slows down cleansing, anytime you need to slow the process just add avo 😉

Today I enjoyed: 2 honeydew melons, 1 watermelon,  2 mangos


Busted out all my old raw food books and started planning my reentry into “normal” eating. Felt inspired, but still tired and moody. I went on a 2-mile run and felt better than I had in years.

Today I enjoyed: 2 cantaloupe melons, 1 watermelon,  2 mangos, 1/2 pineapple


My experience thus far has been amazing and yet very challenging. The first 3 days are often the hardest for me. I usually feel tired, uninspired, moody and emotional. No matter the cleanse, this is what I go through. I also find that old wounds and unfinished business surface more. I definitely felt a lot this time around, I even called my therapist for an emergency session because so much was bubbling to the surface for me. This is actually something I welcome when I cleanse, it has become more of a spiritual and emotional detox for me rather than just a physical thing. When I was younger it was more on the physical side, hoping for a quick fix. There are no quick fixes! Real health takes a lot of time, attention and unraveling. It’s quite a journey.

Today I enjoyed: 1 whole large watermelon, 2 mangos, 1 whole pineapple, 1 package of blackberries


I decided today was the reentry day. I did the same format all through the day, I actually just ate 2 watermelons today, it’s hot here and that’s all I wanted. I felt SO GOOD. My organs are now at the point where they are not having to process fats and toxins so I just feel so much energy. I went on another 2-mile run and did an ab circuit. Feeling like myself, but better.

**Breaking your fast is just as, if not more, important than how you start it. You have to go gentle and ease back into eating solids and other food groups. I plan to stay 100% raw until I don’t feel like it anymore, right now I feel so good and it’s warm enough to be raw.

Today I enjoyed: 2 whole large watermelons, large salad, zucchini and cucumber noodles with pumpkin seed pesto and red peppers. I used lemon and olive oil for my dressing. Everything tasted so freaking good!


  • My energy levels are better then they have been since before I opened Local Juciery in 2014. Holy smokes, I forgot what it felt like to have this much flow.
  • So inspired. I can’t wait to share everything that’s blooming inside of me.
  • My skin is literally glowing
  • I don’t know if I lost weight, I don’t own a scale. That doesn’t matter at all, I feel so good!
  • Highly recommended


  • skin flaking off my face (seems awful but it’s a normal cleanse symptom)
  • Breakout around my chin (hormones rebalancing)
  • Fatigue
  • Moody
  • Emotional trigger on high alert
  • Old emotional wounds surfacing


Help your symptoms of detoxing by trying these things out

  • Sauna
  • Skin brushing
  • Enama
  • Colonic
  • Baking soda bath (1 whole small box in your bath water)


Get my book Raw + Radiant to help with recipe ideas, details of all the mitigation suggestions and a guided 5-day cleanse.

Read books, journal, relax when you can and don’t let other detour you. Invite them along on your journey! Don’t think you have to stick to these guidelines, cleansing should be intuitive, listen to your body and have fun.



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