This is so fun! I love Josephine so much. She is literally a walking ball of light. I met Josephine fairly recently because our little ones go to school together, but I know we’ve known each other for lifetimes. We were at a parent meeting and I just knew she was one of my people. We hit it off talking about our obsession with fighting radiation from phones, smart meters and so on (see more about that here). She totally got me with no judgments, because she’s just gets it! As we became closer it was obvious to me that Josephine was incredibly talented, she is an intuitive, but not the normal kind. Like the “deep, incredibly smart, working with the unseen but in a very grounded” way kind of intuitive. I adore her heart, her smile and what she is striving for in the world. You all are going to love this woman too. And if you want to come hang out in Sedona for a bit  (come see me at Local) and spend some time with Josephine, you have to check out her retreat in June! Visit her website here for more information.


Josephine! I would love to hear a little about your routines and rituals…

I wake up and for the first few minutes I do meditation and visualization. Then I will feed my pugs and cuddle with my son and hubby. Next I will go and do a bit of journaling and go through my affirmations.
One of my favorite early morning journal activities is to write on one column what I am grateful for that is here now and in the second column what I am grateful for what is coming and hasn’t manifested yet.
Then one of the most important parts of my day is my solo nature hike. This is so sacred to me and my time for total realignment.
Then I will work with clients on the phone in the rest of the morning. I often have lunch with my family and go get my son at school and then sometimes have clients in the evening around supper and then it’s to bath and bed!
What is your diet like? do you stick to any kind of “diet”? 
Generally, I eat raw fruits, veggies and nuts for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I will add in sometimes cooked veggies.
But now I call myself an “intuitive eater” (a phrase I made up) and I commit to staying fluid and while that is often the way I eat, I often will eat what my body is craving and needing and that changes as I go.
I really believe our ecosystem needs specific things and we just need to really tune in and that knowledge is becoming more so clear to us — especially now in this time of rapid ascension.
Listening to my body is a recent art form which I have been learning myself and teaching others and certainly wasn’t what I got taught in school. Listening to my body has never been easy with all my programming but it is getting easier as I go.
It took me years to get to be able to eat so much raw food as it is intensely detoxifying but that is what my guides say is often best, so I listen. It might change and I am open to that change too as I find staying fluid with food to be the most healthy for myself.
Tell us a bit about your journey to finding health and wellness?
Well growing up as an actress and a sometimes model, one can face a lot of intensity around these topics as there is a huge pressure to look a certain way. When your whole paycheck depends on your relationship to health and wellness,  there is a very strange relationship that can form- for me it surely did.
I still remember in 2005 in my West Hollywood apartment measuring myself with a tape measure each morning in my bathroom to make sure I still had Angelina Jolie’s measurements every morning. And if I didn’t, I  would go to the gym and work out for at least two hours. My body was always sore and always unhappy back then.
I have learned SO much now at 41 about what my body truly wants. Because I have taken so much time to listen,  now I am the healthiest I have ever been. And I never work out to the point of pain any more.  It has been such a journey and what brought me to the healthiest I have ever been is getting the sickest of my life after I gave birth to our son Theodore.
I became overwhelmed with some major autoimmune struggles. None of my doctors in both medical or alternative fields were giving me any help. i bumped into Anthony William’s book The Medical Medium at my massage therapist’s place and my whole life turned around when I started following his protocol.
While I make my own adjustments now and follow my intuition, it was his protocols that have given me enormous healing and freedom where I now have a healthy relationship with my body and food. While that for sure has been a rough roller coaster ride to arrive to a healthy spot,I have arrived. And it feels so good.
What has been your biggest “failure” and what did you learn? 
My biggest failure was listening to much of the programming I picked up instead of my intuitive guidance and believing failure is actually a real thing. By programming I mean the inaccurate beliefs I got in my school, culture and family. Whenever I tried to follow that and ignored my intuition, I would fall flat on my butt.
I was always getting straight As in grade school with always Ds for behavior, I have always been a rebel. The teachers didn’t like it when I told them it was absurd that they wanted me to sit down all day.
While I had a super rocky childhood, that rebelliousness has served me over time as it has allowed me to see now that failure is just the ego having trouble letting go of what it thinks should be happening instead of what is actually happening.
I feel very free now from understanding when my ego is talking and when my spirit is running my show. That has not come easily. I have faced physical, emotional and verbal abuse along with sexual assault in my life and all of it has given me the opportunity to figure out how to truly love who I am.
I wish I could say my road has been easy but it truly hasn’t and most of my life until i was thirty i was WAY off course.  While I looked like a happy prom queen in high school. the few who really new me, knew I had several suicidal moments.
It wasn’t until living in Los Angeles and definitely “failing” as an actress and in the entertainment business where I started to really listen to my intuition. I had everything every fledgling actress dreamed of: celebrity mentors, great representation and a fantastic network to get me into the business. Yet while I loved auditioning and the creative people in it, I could find no success in the actual profession of acting.
So feeling like I was failing hugely in my acting career, I had no idea what else to do. I knew i had to do something different. So instead of listening to what everyone else told me, I started to listen to my intuition. And everything began to change for the better.
I became impassioned with coaching others to follow their intuition. I started as a yoga teacher and personal trainer and worked mostly for people in the entertainment business in Los Angeles. I did readings along with that as well and then at some point it all started to blend together in what I now call being an Intuitive Coach.
When I started to listen to that inner voice, things started to get real good as it allowed me to see that failure is just information. It is just feedback giving you essential data on how to course correct so you get feeling better.
What has been your biggest success and what do you attribute it to? 
My biggest success which is past, present and a continued future feat is truly figuring out how to love deeply and authentically who I am. For a while, I would get angry when I would see people who loved themselves, as I had no idea how they were doing it.
But perhaps my biggest success has been transforming any resistance I am facing to instead studying people and how they got their true self acceptance and deep inner peace. I think that is why I love coaching so much as I am just sharing what I have seen practically work for so many and it is my entourage of massive non-physical support that has held me as I received that information.
I am so deeply passionately crazy in love with what i do. I feel so totally privileged as I get to spend time with people going so deep into their soul and learning SO much, so intensely fast.
It truly is one of my greatest joys on this planet to help other people as I coach. As when i help them, I am healing my deepest wounds that i am still trying to mend.  And I think I am successful at that because I see what other people are doing that works and i just shift and change and do it myself until i manifest what I desire. I am an adaptor and I love teaching others how to adapt to receive all they desire as well.
Any tips for being productive and getting into flow state? 
Let go of the notion that you are lazy or a procrastinator or doing it wrong. After working with thousands of people, I don’t believe any more that those states truly exist. They are just ego and programming judging when you are taking a break. Breaks are essential. Acting when it is the most efficient time is what the intuition will tell you if you listen. And when you don’t act when intuition calls you to, that is fine.  Next time you can. We are getting so good at intuitive living as we are evolving so rapidly.
 I think truly when we are not in a flow state, we just aren’t meant to be. And the hardest thing ever is when you are out of alignment and have no idea how to get back.
The first step is to admit you are out. And then lovingly and gently ask yourself and all non-physical support you have any connection with, how to get back in alignment.
And you will realign again. You always do :).
We are so expanded now tho then as compared to when I first started being an intuitive guide over ten years ago. People are SO enlightened and the time in which it takes to get back on track is so much faster. We are quicker at manifesting. We are more telepathic and more powerful then ever before.
While I write this, the battle of light and dark is at one of its highest peaks and the fact that you are here still reading this blog means you are an enormous success. as you care about finding more love, more ease, and kindness on the planet.
You do.
And you are not alone.
There are massive numbers growing both in physical and non-physical. And it is a privilege to connect with you and see this momentum materialize.
Who do you look up to as a mentor? 
Oh wow I have had so many mentors over the years. Mostly authors as I always felt so weird on planet earth and they were often the ones giving me all the tools I needed to stay here and thrive.
At this exact moment in time I am so lucky to have Christiane Northrup guiding me. I am about to release my first book which is called Love Beings Book One: Intuitive Power. She wrote the foreword and has been coaching me on how to take my material and everything to the next level.
What is one thing do you do everyday? 
Every night before we go to bed, my son and husband all go around and say what we are thankful for. It is a super powerful ritual. I cherish it enormously. Gratitude is the number one power connection I go to when I am out of alignment and to accentuate  my power when I am in alignment.
Favorite podcast or current bed side table book? 
At the moment I have Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill along with the Christiane Northrup’s new book Dodging Energy Vampires and also the Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.
I love having a mix of books which I have read for years and along with newbies too. I have always been a ferocious reader since Tony Robbins told me to become that. I always have many books going at once.
I don’t really listen to podcasts at the moment but i have a podcast on sound cloud 🙂 so i listen to that lol.
If you could be any city what one would you be and why? 
Right now I would be exactly where i am in the Verde Valley of Arizona. I have been on a super long journey to find this part of the world. I am so in love with the geography of Sedona and the surrounding areas. Here I am cracked open with its beauty almost daily. People say you get used to it. I haven’t. It just pummels me with so much love and widely expands my connection to non-physical which truly takes my intuitive work to a whole new level.
What are you working on that you are most excited about right now? 
I am working on putting myself out there. The truth is I am a total introvert and could easily spend all my time working from home with my family and pugs.
But my guides are extremely loud and assertive that I must share what i have with the world. So this month I have released a new website, a new podcast, new youtube videos . This spring i will release my first book and this June I will be having my first Sedona retreat (poster attached). There is still space left in our retreat and I would love for you to join the bliss party! I will be serving Summer’s food!
So I am working right now on the courage it takes to expand and reach even more people with the wisdom I have gathered in the journey and privilege of working with people privately helping them hone their intuition for over 10 years.
Parting words of wisdom
In your darkest moments, you are never alone. There is an art form of learning how to love. If you are in the dark, you are just remembering how to love in a different and richer way.
We knew how to love when we first came in and many of us are just taking the time to remember it again. It is the intuition that will bring you there again and again. It is the pain and the loneliness and hard emotions that are the gateway for welcoming in more connection, more support and ease.
Whenever you are off course, be still and ask the question you are most need answering and take time for spirit to answer. It will answer every time and you are getting so good at listening as you are embracing the evolution and ascension journey we are on.

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