Who I am

My background is in food. I mean that in two ways: Number one, I’m a trained raw food chef, restaurant owner, author and recipe developer. Number two, I love food. The second one led to the first one… but there was a long period of unrest, discomfort, and darkness for me around food before I could find my peace with it. The struggles I faced with food and body image led me to this place right here, to strong + radiant. The best advice anyone ever gave me was that life happens for you, not to you. And so, my struggle, as real and hard as it was, happened for me so that I could support and be of service to others on their journey to enduring health.

I grew up with a really amazing mama who raised me by herself, she was (and still is) hardworking, compassionate and health foodie to the max! She was drinking carrot juice and doing coffee enemas way before it was in vogue. I always had an affinity for healthy eating and veganism (as my mom is a 40+ year vegetarian), she taught me well and introduced me to many alternative healing methods that have truly shaped my life, my health, and my families health.

“ What you eat and how you feel are directly related, change your diet for just one week and you'll feel and see the difference.”

Although I grew up in a considerably conscious household, I felt uncomfortable in my body, unsure of myself and afraid of being anything less than perfect. I felt shame for things I couldn’t even describe. From the tender age of 15, all the way into my early 20’s I struggled with eating disorders and low self-esteem. I was constantly looking for the next diet to try and “perfect” my health and body, to try and avoid the real problem. Diets became a distraction from my rocky inner terrain. When I went 100% raw at the age of 17 (after seeing David Wolfe and his crew come into the raw restaurant I worked out with outrageous glow factor) I started to awaken to new parts of myself. I began my self-education into raw foods, veganism, and superfoods.

I have seen time and time again with myself and my clients that when you cleanse your body, you open up new parts of your heart and your mind. As I learned and refined my lifestyle, I became increasingly aware of my inward limitations and heartaches. I finally stopped running from them and dived in the deep end to start facing them. Through cleansing my body, I cleansed my mind.

“My awakening” into heart-based eating and self-compassion led me to develop meal plans, cleanses, detoxes and programs that truly support all parts. The sweetie that you are! You deserve to feel amazing in your body, to wake up and feel loved and whole. To enjoy every bit of your food (and life), to be energized, radiant and of course strong.

I’m excited to get to know you, share with you and build a community of strong and radiant woman who are ready to take this life to the NEXT LEVEL.

I’ve found that real integrated health is supported by these four pillars of wellness.

These pillars will help guide you through my website and offerings and to a lovely place of inner strength, beauty and thriving health.

My Experience

  • Author of Raw and Radiant
  • Founder, Culinary + Creative Director of Local Juicery
  • Matthew Kenney Culinary Graduate
  • and former Educator
  • Private Chef to Hollywood Elite
  • Studied Plant Based Nutrition at eCornell
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Weight Management Coach
  • Certified Prenatal Exercise Coach
  • Mother!

My approach

My approach is very relaxed yet straightforward. I don’t stand behind any one kind of diet or lifestyle, rather I strive to meet you where you are at and we’ll work from there. Each of us is born with our unique sets of gifts and challenges. I take this into consideration when working with you to develop a meal plan or detox. I support the individual and developing the intuitive sense that you naturally have.

What I look for in my client is the readiness and the bravery to make a change, to begin to shift, to start. Change can be scary, that is why I do what I do. I am here to help your journey to health and balance be as effective and painless as possible. I don’t expect you to change everything over night, we move at your pace and create an individualized plan that will be highly effective in helping you lose weight, clear your skin, change your moods, increase your energy and glow from within.

"What I look for in my clients is the deep desire to make a change and the readiness to start."

My food

I enjoy a diet that is grounded in foods from the earth. I like to enjoy simple foods that are not processed. I’m not a vegan, a raw foodie or any other strict diet follower. I eat an abundance of fresh, organic and well sourced foods. I know my body and I listen to its ever changing needs. One week I’ll be cooking dahl and aryvedic dishes, the next salmond and salads. Once or twice a year I’ll do a juice cleanse and then a month of mainly raw foods. This give my organs a rest and helps me stay light, happy and energized.

Cooking and playing with food is my passion, there is nothing that activates me as much as being in the kitchen, creating healthy and flavorful recipes and sharing it with those I love. The recipes I offer on this site are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan and paleo friendly. I hope that you enjoy my recipes as much I as I enjoyed creating them. I’ve always seen recipes as a road map, you can go down little side roads and change the journey a little bit, don’t feel tied down to what I’ve created, add your own little flare! Play, enjoy, share and have fun.

I offer:

  • Recipe Development
  • Menu + Restaurant Branding Consultation
  • Private Coaching + Personal Retreats
  • Home + Kitchen Restructuring
  • Cooking Classes
  • Workshops & Retreats