You already have the wisdom, the deep knowing, the curious spirit, the internal depth. I know you have this. You don’t need anyone for these things. They are a gift that is given to you the moment you take form as a body. Our material world at this time isn’t often used for supporting these gifts, It tries to lead us away, to keep us muted, to keep us from shining. My passion is helping woman tap into these gifts, to support you with the follow through, the process. I’m here to help you tap into your will-power and your true health, your female forces and your deep motherly knowing.


  • Unique
  • Balanced
  • Inspired
  • Action
  • Focused
  • Attention
  • Connected
  • Affluent
  • Spiritual
  • Driven
  • Integrated
  • Beauty


A 15 minute free consultation to make sure we are going to work well with each other. We’ll go over your goals, your intentions, your hopes and your current routines. I’ll give you an outline of what programs I feel would best support you.


I am  certified as a holistic health coach, raw food chef and personal trainer. Even more importantly I’ve been though it. I’ve been overweight, unhappy, unhealthy and struggling to find something that worked, that made me feel and look radiant. I’m grateful for my experience because it led me to a “lifestyle” not a diet that is actually sustainable and has left me living the healthiest most activated life I can imagine.  It can feel really scary when you’re not sure where to begin or how. I will be with you on your journey to wellness in whatever capacity you are searching for. In my practice I focus on integrating soul life with everyday life. When your heart and your mind are working together, amazing things can happen for your life, health, weight, family, home and parenting. The way out is through, but you don’t have to do it alone, after all we’re all in this together. Your health is my health!


I AM STRONG // the whole foods detox

This program will bring you to a level of health education and knowledge that will liberate you to treat your own unique body, while taking your health back into your own hands. We all want to be the best version of ourselves, this 3 week program will set you up with a clean pantry and understanding of healthy recipes.

You’ll feel cleaner, leaner and ready to meet the demands of life and loving. You’re hormones will be gently reset and you’ll begin to tap energy that you never even knew you had. You’ll feel your pants fitting better and notice your skin gleaming brighter.

Get ready for energy, health and a new sense of aliveness!


You will receive:

  • – A 3-week plant based meal plan with weekly schedules, outstanding recipes, easy shopping lists and inspiring food photos.

Investment $180.00

please always connect with your health care provider before embarking on a cleanse

I AM clean // Full Body Detox Liquid Cleanse

In this program we will work on detoxing your entire body, resetting your hormones, activating your circulation, detoxing your thyroid, clearing your skin and addressing gut issues. All good health begins in the gut. We’re going to flush your whole system!

We’ll do this by flooding your body with nutritionally dense juice + smoothies. This is an all liquid cleanse that includes incredibly delicious juice and smoothie recipes that will leave you feeling full but help you loose stubborn weight and bloat. You’ll be feeling lighter and so much more activated after 5 days of this yummy but effective cleanse.

Get ready for bright eye, clear skin, a flat tummy and a big smile on your face!

You will receive:

  • – A 5 day juice + smoothie fast protocol
  • – Grocery List
  • – Go deeper list + support

Investment $69.00

please always connect with your health care provider before embarking on a cleanse



You will receive:

  • – An in depth full body Detox guide
  • – An Enema kit + Probiotics
  • – A customized 1-Week Meal Plan

Investment $150.00


This is the pivotal moment when you go from girl to woman. Becoming a mother is an incredible journey in self-discovery, spiritual connection and deep clearing. It is important to set the body up to be strong and open as well as create a sacred space for the sweet soul coming.  In this program you will be guided to treat your body as the temple that it is and nourish your growing baby.

You will receive:

  • – 4-week meal plan and food guide for pregnancy
  • – Supplements guide for vegans and all diet types
  • – Exercises that are gentle and effective
  • – Breathwork and meditation guide
  • – My Strong + Radiant mothers tea blend

Investment $250.00


If you find yourself shying away from photos, not wanting to go out because of a breakout, or feeling anything less than beautiful, than this is for you. If you’re struggling with acne, dull skin and adult breakouts I can help.

– We will be working on emotional blockages that show up as a physical symptom. By treating these neglected emotions we’ll support your body with fundamental healing.

– I’ll guide you on breath work techniques that will oxygenate and bring blood flow to blocked areas.

– A personalized 2-week meal plan for your skin clearing needs that will address your skin from the inside out.

Investment $400.00

+ Strong + Radiant Skin clearing vitamin + supplements $60


I am available for retreats, catering and speaking events.
For more information please email